Should COVID-19 vaccines be mandatory for all health care workers? (Poll Closed)
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  • Joseph - 1 week ago

    After 2 years of fighting this virus......the vast majority of the population understand clearly that
    Holly water.....or human sacrifice won't make the Covid disappeared. ( Oops.....I should mention Horse ???? treatment....)

    Like it or not..... getting vaccinated is just doing our small part.....a responsible get back to a normality of life. I am not a fan of government intervention.....but I did get vaccinated for the sake of the people around me.....and get rid of the Mask ????....sooner than later.

    Yet, for some, they just don't get IT ❗
    They would rather have a Mask mandatory until 2025......or else....and wait and see.....

    Those ones most probably believe that the Earth ???? is flat.....and Elvis still alive.

  • H. George - 1 week ago

    I am curious how we define "health care worker?" Does that mean everyone who works in the field, such as unit clerks, cleaners, food service workers, or those such as nurse, Doctors and other professional designations? A break down may show where the 20% is found, Brett. Not all those that work in health care are trained in science and physiology etc. As far as the flavor of the day, it is just a sad fact at this point in time that the vast majority of cases are unvaccinated. Is what it is, and the numbers are there to prove it. No smoke no mirrors, just a fact.

  • Brett - 1 week ago

    Rob F , flavour of the day saying virus of the unvaccinated?!
    Next month will it be the virus of the vaccinated if it spreads more easily between vaccinated, and those numbers increase ?
    The news said about 20% of health care is not vaccinated, so 20 % are tin hat conspiracy people who do not know science? They are the experts caring for us, they know covid vaccines forced upon them is politically motivated and pushed by mandates and supported by people who soon forgot about others rights stripped in the past, recently apologized to by government and now doing it again with mandates. I hope the Conservatives win on this point alone, as this mandate issue is splitting families, Archie Bunker days are over, it will just take the courts time to sort it out

  • RobF - 1 week ago

    So Debbie, your solution would be what then? I have not seen any data on how many health care workers have been vaccinated up to this point in time, but I would be curious. My assumption is the it is fairly high! The data and numbers out now show this is now a virus of the unvaccinated. Go figure! Its times like these that the internet is speeding the destruction of a sense of community and working together to eradicate this virus. It allows every wingnut and knuckledragging conspiracy theorist to make themselves feel important and to believe that people actually care what they think! In reality, we dont......

  • Debbie - 1 week ago

    Is this mandate the intentional compromising of our already distressed healthcare system? These workers see the fallout of these injections every day, so have personal experience validating their reasons for refusing. How dare anyone put another at such risk to personal health? Further those who submitted to the injection are supposedly having such mild symptoms, though still getting and transmitting the disease, how are patients protected from the injected healthcare workers? This is nonsense, the injection only protects the individual from becoming seriously ill, SOMETIMES. They don’t work as promised, worse, they are dangerous for thousands and the push to force more humans into harms way is despicable and shameless overreach on the behalf of an unelected official.

  • Adam - 1 week ago

    Stuart, ALL pharmaceutical companies have protection liabilities for ALL of their products. And you are WWAAAAYYY out to lunch if you think every single doctor, nurse, virologist, medical professional in the entire world is involved in a big conspiracy. Go wrap your head in tin foil...

  • Geoff - 1 week ago

    I'm a regular visitor to hospitals in Victoria, for a number of reasons. I am immunocompromised, among other things. I don't think it unreasonable to expect all the healthcare workers around me to be vaccinated when I'm in hospital. I have enough to worry about, without the added wrinkle of the person providing me care potentially being an asymptomatic carrier of covid.

  • Trace - 1 week ago

    Absolutely health care providers should be vaccinated 100%. Make it mandatory. I’m a RN of 40+ Years, still working and double vaccinated.

  • Stuart - 1 week ago

    Why are doctors and nurses, the Frontline workers protesting against mandatory vaccine , if they are safe?
    If Jab is safe, why do Jab manufacturers have protection liability against adverse reactions, efficacy and still has not been clinically approved?
    They are the Frontline workers.
    They are the experts who are suppose take care of our health.
    They know from Frontline exposure what works and what does not work.
    They know the truth, they are being silenced.
    From my sources doctor and nurses in BC and Ontario that most hospitalization are with the VACCINATED, Israel has confirmed over 80% hospitalizations are VACCINATED.
    We should have medical freedom to choose, a decision between patient and Doctor, based on verifiable medicine and science.
    Politicians and paper pushing health officials are not experts and they never followed the science.
    Brazil - 32,000+ vaccine deaths
    European Union - 23,000+ vaccine death, 2.1+ million adverse reaction
    United States - 13,000+ vaccine deaths, .5+ million adverse reactions
    Prove me wrong with official government documentation.
    I have the receipts. Where are yours, sight your references.

  • Ben - 1 week ago

    Keep in mind 97% of people in the hospital with COVID-19 are not vaccinated, hmmmmmm

  • Tony C - 1 week ago

    Hypocritical if they were not, I would suggest. Would be a good position to lead by example from, as they are in the thick of it!

  • Brett - 1 week ago

    If the vaccines protected against getting infected and being a transmitter and caused NO ill effects I’d say possibly, but that is not the case so choice is paramount with precautions, we did it before this somewhat effective vaccine drive. Combination of testing, and masking and distancing works with the current vaccine rollout, vaccinated ARE carriers , science, so we should take this seriously

  • Adam - 1 week ago

    Considering that they are basically representatives of the health sector and they come into close proximity of the old, sick and vulnerable....absolutely YES!!!

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