Should Gen. Milley be forced to resign?

  • Barbara Weeks - 2 days ago

    Tried for treason, if occurred and sent to GITMO. Reopen it!

  • William D Huffaker - 2 days ago

    Resignation is not enough. Such a act should require the strongest punishment possible under the UCMJ.

  • Matthew Siro - 2 days ago

    Treason! Tar and feather.

  • Douglas John Schmitt - 2 days ago

    Charged with treason and shot

  • Gary - 2 days ago

    And executed

  • Jim Cummings - 2 days ago

    Courts Martial is the appropriate punishment - if this turns out to be true.

  • Jim Raymond - 2 days ago

    Yes! Resignation!!! A whole bunch of the morons need out!!!
    This whole mess doesn’t pass the smell test.
    Biden has caved to China.
    They got him by the balls!!

  • D - 2 days ago

    He needs to be court martialed!!! Treason!!

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