To prevent the spread of COVID-19, should students switch to online learning? (Poll Closed)
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  • Dave - yesterday

    The problem we are having with this disease there’s so much that we don’t know about, and everybody has their own opinion on what’s safe or not safe.
    Personally I think it’s ridiculous to send kids to school where the transfer of disease is way more likely than a few adults in a restaurant I’m sorry I don’t see the logic there.

  • meanders - yesterday

    Neither of my 2 grandkids (one in elementary, one in middle school) adapted to remote learning. The younger got back to classroom learning earlier than the middle school student and has benefited from that. Many kids thrived and that's lovely. These are tech savvy kids but they needed a face-to-face, eye contact environment. Fortunately they are bright kids and are quickly catching up.

  • Lorena Rose - yesterday

    As a parent you are responsible for sending your children to school and ensuring they are healthy. People just love to point fingers at others to solve the problem but that cannot happen if people don't do their part.

  • Jack Johnson - yesterday

    Heath regulations are NOT a matter of choice, but rather a matter of circumstance. If the risk to children and faculty is great enough, then they should be continuing studies from home.

  • Brett - yesterday

    Get a life, online learning won’t prevent the spread of covid, however it may slow the increasing mutations affecting vaccinated as well as the non vaccinated.
    Moreover it may offer some sort of personal security for the families and students, and support their emotional and educational needs.
    Online learning opportunities are a good thing, especially if it’s by CHOICE

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