Have you ever had someone scam you out of money?

  • John - 8 months ago

    I've been scammed by tenants before the pandemic. But I won't give details in case they listen to your show. Just know that in some cases, if they're telling you to hold for a couple of MONTHS (not weeks) til they get a settlment/payment/refund/other, their actual plan is to use that for the deposit on the next rental and never to pay you.

    Between "Darius Crooks" and this Karen Civil thing, it's been a series of hot weeks for the scammers online.

  • EvieE - 8 months ago

    Twice. Once when a kid asked me for change for a dollar and I gave him a dollar and he ran off with my dollar and didn’t give me change. And another time when a coworker gave me a sob story about her direct deposit not hitting her account and she had to feed her daughter and she’d pay me as soon as her deposit hit. I felt sorry for her so I gave her ten bucks. After that she started avoiding me. It was just ten bucks but I just thought that was super disrespectful. Come to find out she told a similar story to a bunch of coworkers and got money out of them too. And the really crazy thing is, a month later she was on wheel of fortune and won a bunch of money and quit. So no one got their money back.

  • ReallyDarkKnight - 8 months ago

    Does my trash ass sister-in-law count? But that's on me because I love my wife and we knew that money was like throwing money into a fire.

  • Shay - 8 months ago

    Yes! Ok so during the beginning of the pandemic I went to Walmart online to buy one of those portable washer and dryers that ppl use for dorm rooms and camping because covid had me afraid to go to the laundry mat to wash my clothes. I pay my little $200 not paying attention that i'm buying from a third party seller not walmart itself. Why im waiting and waiting thinking my order is just slow because...covid. A month later I get a portable heater in the mail and i'm confused as shit because I live in hell heat vegas. I know I didnt order a heater! Long story short after going back and forth with walmart and the bbb I get my money back 6 months later! Just be careful ordering online even from major big box retailers because they scammin everybody out here.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 8 months ago

    But I was 11 and it was fot $5.

  • Jamilynn - 8 months ago

    I was trying to buy a phone from someone online and they mailed me a can of tuna. I sent her the money via western union or money gram (this was about 10years ago) so I had her name and address. I called the police and they showed up to the woman's door. She freaked out and sent the money back the next day. lol

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