Should Cuba's president have been invited to Mexico's Independence celebrations?

  • Mylo Abeja - 4 weeks ago

    Someday, my comrades, the capitalist oppressors will pay for their crimes.

  • J Ed Sley - 4 weeks ago

    Cuba Si. The visit to Mexico was extended to Cuba by Mexico. It is at the invitation by Mexico. Nobody else commenting means anything.

  • joe bongiovanni - 4 weeks ago

    Of course, the invitation is really for 'la gente do los dos pueblos de dos naciones' 'to celebrate together for true political independence.
    As soon as an ACTUAL org de los estados de Las Americas' comes to being, we can all celebrate together.
    Gracias, Amigos.

  • Stephen Charles Johnson - 4 weeks ago

    little to gain, much to lose.

  • Donald Diel - 4 weeks ago

    We must keep in communication, or will end up with our country’s borders as tall walls and live in fear of each other. That is a very weak way to live. Yes, Cuba should be invited to Mexico’s independence celebrations.

  • Robert V. Stone - 4 weeks ago

    No American country can honestly celebrate its independence so long as the US-created and
    dominated Organization of American States claims to represent it. Bravo AMLO for your leadership in creating Community of Latin American and Caribbean States (CELAC) - whose arrival should be enthusiastically greeted by USian Americans who love freedom, independence and national sovereignty among all nations.

  • Getse G - 4 weeks ago

    I think it was worse to have countries involved in the army parade such as France which still have colonies, after all it was the INDEPENDENCE parade

  • Wermer - 4 weeks ago

    Cuba is an independent country and is part of the Latino region, just because the US does not like them their is no reason for Mexico not to invite him even if their are political disagreements on both sides.

  • Longine - 4 weeks ago

    This visit was not a visit as such. Most people have to know that mexican gov has sent police cars, (to supress even more the cuban people), vaccines (necesary in mexico) and a lot of cash that belongs to the mexican people, health, survival for disasters, education, open jobs. the government gives all that money also to central america.

  • Brad Boner - 4 weeks ago

    Invite the Cuban leader? Why not! What - do we live in a such a small fish bowl that even the minnows scare us? As for repressive regimes, well, what do you think the USA got a taste of with Trump?! I say Mexico has every right to invite one and all to its Independence Celebration. Facts are facts: the treatment Cuba got - and is getting - from the U.S. is no different than what Nicaragua got a few years back.

    Mexico no longer bends over for unreliable Uncle Sam, and the complaining Latin leaders only show themselves to be go-alongs and not, well, leaders.

    As the song by Sam The Sham and The Pharoahs a few beers back said, "...Let's not be L7..."

  • robert d corkrum - 4 weeks ago

    Yes This way the leaders hear what most people think of their actions..

  • Robert Brown - 4 weeks ago

    This invitation gives credibility to a very repressive regime. In turn the Cuban government feels how they are governing is proper.

  • mar azul - 4 weeks ago

    Cuba has a repressive regime despite the political propaganda and the people and economy suffer. Mexico, no one, should support authoritarian regimes that are not humane.

  • Max Elliot - 4 weeks ago

    lets live together

  • Richard Adelman - 4 weeks ago

    I am disgusted to see a big majority No vote on this question. I have noticed a not very subtle conservative and neo-liberal slant in this publication, even in the headlines.
    I am not going to continue receiving or reading it!

  • Sheilai Byrns - 5 weeks ago

    Yes... how can we work together unless we talk.

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