Grade the 'Our Kind of People' Series Premiere:


  • Ronald - 3 years ago

    This series is beyond tragic. You have Black people from other parts of the country believing that Black people from Martha's Vineyard actually behave like Black people from Atlanta who have money. And We do not! Nothing can be further from the truth. It's actually 100% opposite behavior!

    Otis Graham's book did not describe Black people on MV like the Real House of Atlanta.

    This is like watching about the South but having the actors behave like they are in Guatemala.

    Anyone watching this must know that Black folk 8n MV embrace nature and our naturalness as Black humans. It's the place where Black people go to get away from ghetto madness, not 8ndulge in it.

    This is horrific! Worse it's damaging to the psyche of Black folk around the country who have never been to the island.

  • Addie - 3 years ago

    I enjoying learning more about our culture. I saw the first series. 9/21/21, on Our Kind of People writer by Lawrence Otis Graham is a excellent writer. I love reading it. Thank for giving us more details about our other side of our culture. Also the actors and actresses are excellent.

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