Grade the 'Goldbergs' Season 9 premiere:


  • Peter A Acri - 3 years ago

    Just a perfect way to pay a tribute to good actor on a show with so much meaning

  • James Hickey - 3 years ago

    George(Pops) was a perfect complement to the show. I remember all his earlier contributions to show business too. His character was definitely an up -lifting part of the show, as he was in real life!

  • William Langan - 3 years ago

    A lot funnier than the 8 Simple Rules episode, but just as poignant. I like Erica's new look. Murray is Murray- grumpy but caring. And Barry and Adam are at it just like teenage brothers in real life
    Beverly seems to miss Pops the most. Rest in peace, George, and thanks for the laughter!

  • Vince O'Neill - 3 years ago

    I liked how they did not make it too sad. It was tasteful but with enough humor for a sitcom.Yes, I did tear up.

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