Who WILL win 'Big Brother' Season 23?


  • Christine M Ahrens - 1 year ago

    X think will beat big D. He shoukdnt win.
    I'll be really upset if he does..

  • GREGORY - 1 year ago


  • Linda Santoro - 1 year ago

    I think Big D should win! He deserves it the most. Please don't give it to X. He sucks at social behavior.

  • Snipes Joyce - 1 year ago

    Xavier is my choice. Toss up between Azah and Big D.

  • Patricia A Wilkerson - 1 year ago

    Anybody but X. He should have been long gone and would have been except for Kyland having some sense of loyalty. Please don't let him win.

  • Patricia A Wilkerson - 1 year ago

    Xavier is a bold liar with no redeeming qualities. I was Kyland all the way. He has a soul.

  • Jeanne - 1 year ago

    I think Azah will win. I would have preferred Kyland or Hanna. I think they played an honest game.

  • Despo Errico - 1 year ago

    Xavier played the game well. He totally deserves it. Plus he is a good man. Kyland showed his true colors. Such a bad sportsman. Love Big D. And asha. But X should be the winner.

  • Staci - 1 year ago

    Xavier should get the W... if he doesn't win part 3, I think he'll be the final juror

  • Moe - 1 year ago

    Xavier all the way. Azah was carried, but not as much as Big D.

  • Cheri - 1 year ago

    I think Azah should win. I agree with the previous comments from the others as to why she should win. Derek F. And Xavier have lied through the entire season.

  • Leigh - 1 year ago

    It's a game. KY told a lot of lies
    However I have been a BB fan from day One Love it, Love it, LOVE IT I am just happy glad excited over the moon that someone who looks like me will Win.
    Thank you GOD Amen
    Thank you JESUS AMEN
    Now Let's get it Let's go X all the way????

  • Melinda S - 1 year ago

    I totally want Azah to win. She deserves this. X lied n he already has money. I'm not buying his sob story about his nephew. No... And Derek... No... He totally floated thru doing nothing.... So No.... Azah.... Yes!!! And they was wrong what happened to Kyland. He should still be there but yeah it's a game ... This season I respect because they did put more people then just us white folks... N it was about time!! God Bless Everyone And JESUS IS Real. Listen to the HOLY SPIRIT!!! ????????????????????????????????❤️????????????????.

  • Derek - 1 year ago

    White people have been forming alliances since the first season on BB. Black and Brown people never had a chance to win because the numbers were not in their favor. I have always thought BB was racist even to this very second, very hour, very day in 2021. Everyone who played the game this season are beautiful people. When we there are 22 more people of color to win BB then I will be satisfied. I do believe X is a good player but when he turned on Kyland I could not respect his game. I am proud of Kyland for standing up to X and speaking his truth. X is an attorney and withheld that from the housemates. I am sure he has money. My vote is for Azah. On a side note, I do see Kyland making it to the big screen. He could play a good evil person. Or a romantic love interest.

  • Tee - 1 year ago

    X all the way…..Some people said that he lied and shouldn’t win, but he played the game and was able to get himself to the final 3. He was able to get himself off the block four times and you have to respect that, GO X

  • Lady T - 1 year ago

    X all the way!! No way X should not win! BB past shows that X played the best all around BB game and deserves to win!!!!

  • RAMON ALVAREZ - 1 year ago

    Xaviers a bitch. Afraid of real competition. It was a good game move but for the first black winner to take coward way out was chicken shit. I hope either azah or Derek win HOH. Would live to see the look on Xavier face when he gets evicted

  • MSLEW - 1 year ago

    Best BB ever!
    Go Xavier you worked hard and Truly deserve this Win!
    GO Xavier!!

  • MSLEW - 1 year ago

    Best BB ever!
    Go Xavier you worked hard and Truly deserve this Win!
    GO Xavier!!

  • Brenda D. - 1 year ago

    X is a liar and cheated his way through this year, and let's not forget he is an Attorney (which he lied about) and does not need that money. Azah played a honest game she didn't lie to get herself into the top 3. She probably needs and definitely deserves that 750k.

    Derek is in a fantasy land but should get 2nd place over X. So I pray God is good and gives this to the one deserving and I pray that is Asah!!

  • Ms.April - 1 year ago

    Anyone, but X dirty dirty .... So many levels of wrong idc

  • Jacqulin Sullins - 1 year ago

    As kyland said if x wins it will not be with honor. About like watching a terrible football team play the best team in the league. Not contest at all.

  • Jeffery Osgood - 1 year ago

    The only thing I'm going to say is if a group of white players did the same thing as this group of people of color did this season they would shut down the show and kick them all off the show and call them racist..

  • Brenda - 1 year ago

    Why is this racist? I have been watching every season of bb. When white people form an alliance is it considered racist? I've never heard anyone call it racist when whites make sure minorities are the first to get voted out.

  • Cheri - 1 year ago

    All this season I watched 2 liers Kyland and Xavier....I don't 2 much like Derek.. .he should of been thrown out earlier in the game....I wish Tiffany would of lasted longer than Kyland Xavier or Derek F....I was behind Tiffany Hannah and Azah...a female should win this competition anyways....Azah was always honest in this game...never was up for eviction but played her game very well.....GO AZAH all the way 2 this seasons winner ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Cheri - 1 year ago

    I've hated Xavier this whole season....I'm all behind Azah.....she is a powerful woman and she deserves the crown❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Jeremy R. Stewart - 1 year ago

    Derek F i want him to win hope he is the hot looking gay man

  • Grimm - 1 year ago

    All this alliance did was guarantee that the poc will be the first voted out for the foreseeable future on the show. Houseguest will not keep poc around out of fear of another alliance. While it would have been awesome to see a poc win it is now tainted by this racist alliance. The reason it's racist is because early on the cookout was described as a poc alliance. If that was true Derek X and Alyssa would have been included in it. All black is same as all white, racist!

  • Flo - 1 year ago

    I think big D should win. It takes alot to be friendly with everyone all the way through. He made no enemies.????

  • Mattman - 1 year ago

    Azah should win they should have left kyland kick Xavier 's butt for being a liar and overall dick

  • Latasha - 1 year ago

    Azah should win. Altho she didn't win too many competitions, she played a good mind game which is a harder game to accomplish

  • Patty Glendye - 1 year ago

    X deserves it and if doesn't win i am not watching anymore. Period. GO X

  • Deborah - 1 year ago

    I think ahza was lazy through the whole season and Derek did get her where she is now. And X played a good game until he lied to kyland. I hope ahza loses

  • Melissa D Jones - 1 year ago

    I want x Xavier to win

  • Kate - 1 year ago

    For 22 yrs if any ppl of color were on the show .Trust & Believe they were always the 1st one voted out . Always . So let's turn things around & have 2 white players & the rest of the house guest ppl of color .. How fair is that Hopefully next season they have 4 ppl of each nationality & 2 male 2 females Asians Black White Mexican Puerto Ricans..

  • Vera - 1 year ago

    I hope Azah wins! She was the best overall player of the three.

  • Mae - 1 year ago

    Racism is racism I don't care what color it is CBS is going to lose a lot of viewers over this. CBS has just created a new game show! "Face to Face Racists" to be continued. Even the host gave her opinion. It was not fair we didn't do it to them they shouldn't do it to us racism is racism no matter what color! Derrick deserves to win! I will never watch again!

  • Anita - 1 year ago

    I think that Xavier played a great game and he deserves to win!!!!!

  • Jenny - 1 year ago

    I wish Azah would win. But X has manipulated so much he will probably win.

  • Robin - 1 year ago

    X didn't get rid of k big D did the final vote but was told to because I really believe if k had stayed he would get beat and not win at all I wish he had gotten voted out a long time ago

  • Nikki - 1 year ago

    For those who believe this was a racist season because for once in 22 years BB had a predominantly POC cast, its interesting that you do not feel the past 22 seasons were based on a racist system. I have been watching BB since the beginning and people of color let alone black people never made it to the finale let alone win. White America has to come to grips with not being the focal point, the standard and the norm. CBS and BB finally created a cast that was representative of our country as a whole and not just White America. Xavier deserves to win just like Nicole, Derrick, Cody and so many white winners of the past.

    Comments such as this was a racist season speaks to entitlement and systemic racism in our country.

  • Christine - 1 year ago

    The only reason why Xavier was never a target and lied about his profession is because he said that if the houseguest knew he was a lawyer, that would make him an easy target and they would evict him quick so that is why he lied about what he did for a living and got so far into the game. The truth will come out on finale night. I hope azah beats him in part 3 of the HOH competition and he gets evicted and he is the 9th member to join the jury.

  • Terri M Johnson - 1 year ago

    X didn't do no more to my than my did to Tiffany ky lied and had final two with several people that's why his ass is in the jury. and I'm glad. Ky dontt deserve to win he was so sneaky and no Derek dont deserve it either . Him and azah sucked the whole entire game

  • Cynthia Billings - 1 year ago

    Fir those of you that says racism was a part if it please no belly aching if all white group does the same thing.

  • Cynthia Billings - 1 year ago

    Ash should win. X was dirty evil player. Didn't watch much when ifigured out the racism was to be celebrated. Racism is racism no matter what the color is.

  • Terri - 1 year ago

    The game was not racist You all are just made because the cookout out smarted the rest of the house . There are no rule to what color the alliances have to be so get over this racist shit and move on . I'm proud that the cookout stuck together to pull this off.

  • Shelli - 1 year ago

    Xavier had the discipline needed to get where he is without being selfish and trying to win when he didn't need to. He's the winner.

  • Loretta - 1 year ago


  • Debra - 1 year ago

    X deserve to win,Played BB very well.Even while getting rid of K.(Big D) did nothing.(A) floated thru house. All jurors should vote on who played the Masterly Game of BB

  • Angie - 1 year ago

    I stopped watching in the beginning when they made it a racists game. CBS has lost alot of viewers for this reason. Of this had been a white person forming this alliance they would have been kicked off the show!

  • Starling wilmore - 1 year ago

    I think that Xavier should win because he had the best social game .Very friendly and everyone liked him .They all knew he was a threat in winning vetos but, no one was eager to take him out ..

  • Rochelle - 1 year ago

    I'm rooting for Azah, X did Ky wrong...Ky saved his ass! What a Jerk....Big D just floated his fat rolley polley a$$ thru the whole season....he did not win one comp! And he thinks that he should win? I hope the jurors see it!

  • Marilyn - 1 year ago

    Have watched BB every season since it started but will be my last I feel it was very racist from the start and you could figure out right away that there would be a season where a black person would win so BB could make a statement and I’m happy that a person of color will win but seems very reverse racism.IWould like to see Azas win to be the first black woman on the show to ever win I think X played a dirty game at the end with Kyland for what he did I would never vote for him and I hope the jury doesn’t either .Kyland kept his word but X didn’t game or no game he did dirt to Kyland

  • MARCIA WERNER - 1 year ago

    After watching BB for 23 years I am done. This is the worst season EVER.The racism is so blatant even openly flaunted,I was disgusted.The game was not played based on competition but on color I'm even guessing now how random the players were picked.so wrong BYE BB

  • Christine M Ahrens - 1 year ago

    X played the best game you guys think he lied actually thats how you play big brother were not in church.
    Azah and big d played nothing and strung along for the ride. X tok them cuz there beatable plain and simple

  • Shirley Smith - 1 year ago

    X got mad because Kyland called him out. He lied and just wanted A. or D. because he is so sure that he can beat them. He is definitely a sneaky lawyer and I really, really hope he loses,

  • Deborah - 1 year ago

    I Believe that Azah should win she played her game with dignity and respect for other players . She won some comps and proved her worth in the end.
    Derek F however said he had a social game but won nothing others got him there to the end and expects X to get him in final two that he didn't earn or work for. He said no one owes him nothing and neither should Azah or X move him further in the game. Please vote for the One deserving HOH.

  • Julie Lentz - 1 year ago

    I think Derek and are the both did little during the season. I considered them both floaters. But what X did to Kyland it was so totally ungentlemanly like. And yes it is Big brother but Kyland had X's back the whole time. So I don't want x to win. So between us and Derek I like Derek he's just so lovable like a big teddy bear

  • Kim - 1 year ago

    I’m white but I don’t think this was a racist year. I totally respect why the black players didn’t want to be the first to vote out another black player until they absolutely had to. I just hope that future seasons aren’t played based on race whether it be black or white. And I hope Big D wins!! I know he didn’t win comps but he has brought so much fun to this season.

  • BBB - 1 year ago

    It's a game get the F over it

  • Sharon - 1 year ago

    They wanted to send a message that the first black person wins Big Brother!!?? Well as a woman, let's send a bigger message and vote a FIRST TIME EVER BLACK WOMAN to win it all!!!!

  • Sharon - 1 year ago

    Any win this year is totally spoiled by the racism. They pretended to be friends with the white people, the whole time knowing full well they hated them because they are white. This has totally ruined progress being made in race relations. If blacks can be flagrantly racist, then they showed whites how to do it. CBS tried to start a race war.

  • Annette Bedford - 1 year ago

    They ALL deserve to win in my book!That's all I have to say

  • Angela Scrivner - 1 year ago

    I think x deserves to win,he won a lot of comps,and he put in the work also I think he is likable , intelligent player it's a game and he played the way it's supposed to be played.

  • Louise - 1 year ago

    As a African-American female, this was a racist game. We need to win on the strengths of our talents. We are intelligent and can outsmart anyone, if given the chance. By having an equal number of African-Americans in the game, should have been enough fairness. I agree that if 6 white contestants did this scheme outright, we would be calling this BB season, racist. Some other people of color, didn't have a chance because they were under represented. This should never happen again.

  • Patty - 1 year ago

    If Xavier makes it to the final two then he will win the $750k regardless of who he goes up against.
    That being said, after watching every single season of Big Brother since day one, this is without a doubt the most racist season I have ever witnessed on this or any other reality show I have seen. Seriously, how sad was it to watch house guests get evicted one by one based simply on their skin color? If the "Cookout" members had been white and were heard making plans to evict other house guests based solely on the fact that they were black, the producers at CBS would have out right shamed each and every single one of them for even thinking about it . They most certainly wouldn't be congratulating them for doing the most racist thing that has ever been witnessed on a modern day reality show. Should this blatant racism be allowed to continue into next season, I have no doubt that this once popular reality show will not only lose a large number of viewers, but also advertisers.

  • Barbie Toth - 1 year ago

    X did kyland dirty....Ky kept his word and took X off the block and then has big d evict Kyland... that was so wrong ....bcuz big d said he and Ky had deals all throughout the game that no one knew about, yet he listened to X and Azah , instead of using his own mind! And I cannot blame kyland one bit for going off on X! I hope he at least gets the favorite vote....but I feel that'll go to Tiffany......unfortunately! But this is only my opinion.....I've been watching BB since it started in 2000......and I've never seen such racism in one of their shows as this one.....jmo! Don't Hate....

  • Jody - 1 year ago

    Let’s just say that Xavier is intelligent , genuine, savvy, athletic, the whole package! He has what it takes to succeed in life so yes he will be the winner of BB23!!!????

  • Brenda - 1 year ago

    Why is Derek going off on her. he is telling her the same that he's not taking her to final 2 and she is not getting upset. The big baby should go sleep by himself and X should listen, he wants her to send him home. He is not caring about him winning.

  • Crystal Ingram - 1 year ago

    X played the game the best and anyone would have got rid of kyland

  • Eydie R Burchfield - 1 year ago

    Out of the three left - X, has done more physically and mentally to play the game. No season has been more blatantly determined to rub racist In the viewers face. This season has been more about race and putting a big target on racism, then wonder if their underhanded scenario of other races will be accepted. What about Josh's accomplishments winning big Brother, and he done it all by himself!?

  • Susan - 1 year ago

    Xavier all the way! He was a gentleman and actually WON competitions.

  • Johnnie - 1 year ago

    What would you have done if you were Xavier? The game was to play TO WIN &750.000 and that's what he did.(my opinion only)

  • Chris M - 1 year ago

    X is a coward….If Derek F or Azah goes against X
    X will lose!

  • Warren Bozek - 1 year ago

    If azah makes it to the final two she will win Big brother

  • Barbara. Scott - 1 year ago

    If a Xavier and Azah go to the finals. Azah will win cuz Xavier broke his word. What a low life

  • Carol - 1 year ago

    Kyland honored his deal with Xavier to save him but the next week Xavier stabbed him in the back and had Derek F do the dirty work and evict Kyland. Attorney or not he showed his true colors.

  • Rick - 1 year ago

    X is a lying backstabber....greedy!

  • emma - 1 year ago


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