Do you think females are well represented in the DevOps Industry?

  • Anuradha - 3 weeks ago

    This is the case not just for DevOps, it is very important the right support system is provided to encourage.

  • Neil Goddard - 3 weeks ago

    No but improving

  • Pradeep - 3 weeks ago

    Disproportionately low

  • Hugh D Gamble - 3 weeks ago

    If you mean female 'humans' you should say so. Otherwise you are objectifying and being insulting.
    You need to reframe your question outside your binary gender normative assumptions.

  • Alexandra Moore - 3 weeks ago

    As a woman in Engineering, I'd say we're scarce but gradually the ratio is improving.

    As a DevOps speaker/consultant, I've found a slightly better gender ratio.

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