Do you support fully opening the Canada-U.S. land border?

  • Janet - 5 days ago

    Steves comnents over the top, untrue over the top language, hate filled ridiculous words, accusatory and pervocative

  • G. Dole - 5 days ago


  • Steve - 5 days ago

    DO NOT open border to US. Look at what has already happened with only a one way border.
    Canada's covid count has skyrocketed ever since Trudeau decided to murder thousands of Canadians for a few dollars.
    Trudeau should be fired, charged and jailed for the rest of his life for the crime of deliberate, calculated murder.
    If we put up with allowing Canadians to freely travel to the states, then we have not seen anything of what this pandemic will do to Canada.
    People are already dying in hospital emergency waiting rooms because we already cannot properly treat those who are sick.
    We do not have enough Doctors, nurses, beds or medical equipment to properly care for patients now. The vaccine fiasco has been so poorly managed that even Canadians do not accept it. No one in Canada has been properly vaccinated. The time frames between vaccination shots has been up to 4 times the maximun time frame approved by the manufacturers and the World Health Organization. People will soon be dying in the streets, in stores, and their homes in unprecidented numbers. This will make the bubonic plague look like a beautiful day compared with what comes next.
    If we allow this to happen, it will destroy Canada as a country. We will be little more than a third world Us state.
    So if you think you have it too good in Canada, do not like having a decent quality of life and do not like living in a modern first world country, all you have left to do is not fight back, and to allow the all mighty dollar ( US dollars because Canadian Dollars will not even be able to buy pesos) to win out over human life and dignity.
    Who needs it, RIGHT.?

  • Hank Z - 6 days ago

    Build a wall and the US will pay for it ,,

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