Do you think Rosita was secretly bitten?


  • Angela - 1 year ago

    Hey, y'all! Love your Walking Dead recaps and I look forward to your Fear recaps.
    I hope Daryl has learned he can't mess with these whyte women Connie would have never done him like that. Thanks for sticking with the WD recaps; they were so fun. The vivd way you recap the story and Karen's reactions make my day.

    Thank you!

  • Danielle Dee - 1 year ago

    Oohh nnnooo… wait why do y’all think that ? I’m gonna have to re-watch the show again.

  • Gladina McGee - 1 year ago

    Someone shared your VICE #DemThrones interview on Facebook back before season 8. I tuned in to enjoy your recaps of GoT but quickly realized that was just a small piece of what you guys discuss on your podcast. Recaps on some of my favorite shows (The Walking Dead, This is Us, Insecure), Guess the Race, F***ing with Black People, LGBTQ News, White People News… Needless to say, I’ve been a listener ever since. I am almost ASHAMED to say it took me this long to post a review but here it is: 5 STARS!!!!! Love what y’all do for the community and I will continue to share your shows with my friends. If I could just get y’all to post on IG more because…I don’t really do Twitter except when an awards show or Married at First Sight is on. And I promise I’m gonna sign up for premium just as soon as I get back from lunch today.

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