Grade the 'Tyler Perry's Sistas' Season 3B Premiere:

  • Susie - 5 days ago

    This has nothing to do with the show but i would appreciate if Mr. Tyler Perry check his picture out my son Griffin Smith Artist drew of him while still incarcerated he has an Instagram page site is ( all done in pencil.

    Please give to Mr. Perry I enjoy the Sistas show every one should stay with thete new partners.

    OCorrectional Institute P.OBox 725

  • TammArahh - 6 days ago

    LoveLoveLove this show and ALL the characters in it!!! ????

  • Martha Price - 1 week ago

    I feel Andi should be with Robin and kick Gary to the curve period. She deserve better.

  • Barbara Coates - 1 week ago

    The dress attire for Andi is inappropriate, no lawyer should be showing her beast in that manner. Making for sexual harassment cases.!

  • Louise McGee - 1 week ago

    Yes, I agree with above comments concerning Andi and it is gonna be AWESOME when the "hater lawyer"finds out that Robin is "running thangs"
    Actually I "see him" starting some foolishness concerning Zac which could leave the lawfrim caught up in a Lawsuit, THEN Robin will UNDENIABLY get rid of him ESPECIALLY when realizes that Andi 's assistant is involved with Zac, thereby bringing forth THE REAL REASON for his pettiness (cause he LIKE Andi????)

  • B - 1 week ago

    Andi need not date/ sex in the workplace. Red flags.

  • April - 1 week ago

    We love Fatmina and Zac together, please make it work out for them. Andi needs a new love, who is not playing games. So,let Robin be for real, not a player for her. Allow Gary to have stand watch Andi to be powerful, self- confident, and out witt him for a change. Gary needs to show true appreciation , and respect to Andi... Allow him to run hard after her. Andi deserve it. Glad Sabrina and Calvin are ack together, we love them two together, show growing love and romance this season. Danni is a fool, it doesn't matter the color of a man's skin, A good man is hard to find. Preston is a good man. Danni needs to learn through the bad dudes, she has chosen throughout her life. She needs to run to get Preston back, but he needs to make her appreciate him. Karen has cheated on Preacher Man, she needs to chasing after him, not him after her. The script needs to change that quickly, NOW!!!
    Maurice needs to learn to find love the right way, not force someone to be with him
    Allow Maurice to have time to grow from this Q experience, he's sweet person, we really like Maurice. Having his ex- lover come back and fight for a future would build up his self-esteem, to the point of avoiding the future As in his life!!!
    We love you Tyler Perry, Keep Them Coming Strong My Brother!!!
    We love First Wives Club, too!!

  • Terry Little - 1 week ago

    Andy should kick Gary to the curb & date Robin he is the best man for her. Zack & Fatima are perfect for each other.
    Maurice is bigger than Q he could have over powered him at the house and took the gun from his thug behind.
    Tyler Perry your awesome, I can't wait to see how it all plays out.

  • Edna Villaros - 1 week ago

    Andi should leave gary. Maurice must do something to get them out of that situation...hope no one is shot. Fatima should be the one for Zac...their marriage would be fantastic.
    Love this show.. I sometimes wish some scenes were more realistic and faster in the responses to each other.
    Love Andi's wardrobe. Great plot.

  • Elizabeth Conley - 1 week ago

    Hayden need his azz kicked and fired, Ro in go head and kick and fire his azz!!!????

  • Bessie Walker - 1 week ago

    Andi and Robin should be together and Fatima and Zac should get married, Maurice need to take his gun from Q and beat his ass with it. Mr. Tyler Perry you are the best!!!

  • Leatrice Guy - 1 week ago

    Yes Andi should get with Robin and kick Gary so far to the curb

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