Should children over 12 be offered a COVID vaccine?

  • Miguel - 6 weeks ago

    Sweden Suspends Moderna Shot Indefinitely After Vaxxed Patients Develop Crippling Heart Condition

  • biff - 6 weeks ago

    The entire debate is crazy. and the covid 19 has morphed into the Delta and now a third one.
    Also are there long term sise effects say in another year from now,from the original vaccine?

    WE ALL KNOW NOTHING YET AT A MACRO LEVEL, and anyone who thinks they do are only speculating, which btw helps nobody,

    live in the here and now with hope for the future. AND WE CAN all get hit by a bus tomorrow antway

  • Frans - 6 weeks ago

    It's not a vaccine. If the media, the health organizations and the ones who are supposed to look out for it's citizens - were doing their job. Then people would understand that they are manipulated. And the only ones making a profit are the manufacturers band the people behind this scam
    The talk about that it has been tested is a lie. Yes, now it is tested and the gullible people of the world were the guinea pigs. You are told that it is the unvaccinated people who are spreading it. Another lie. No one expected 9/11, the Titanic to sink, the tsunami in Thailand to happen. Despite it happened. Will 175 million Americans die. Let's hope not. But A LOT OF PEOPLE WILL DIE. And they will not die from the Covid, they will die from the side effects of the "jab"

  • Brad Boner - 6 weeks ago

    Well, now that the hoi polloi has chimed in, let's be real. The virus is easily transmitted; that is well-understood. Adults and children are both susceptible to being felled by Covid. Kids getting shots? Well, so long as they breathe, they should. There is, as yet, no other weapon we have against this undefeated airborne menace!

    And let me add that we should also be vaccinating dogs and cats at home. They also breathe and although they have their own defense systems, well, what they breathe in your home may not be to your advantage. The bigger the dog, the bigger the lungs.

    This anti-vaxxing crapola is silliness, of course. Everybody on Earth needs to be vaccinated - the skinny along with the fat, the boozers along with the non-boozers, the smokers along with the weed-haters. There is no other way, people.

    If you're still alive, it's for a reason. I heard they are not vaccinating prostitutes at the border bordellos! How dumb is that?! I've stayed away lately, you may wish to know...

  • Gary Wilson - 6 weeks ago

    September 8, 2021: “CDC continues to recommend that everyone aged 12 years and older get vaccinated for COVID-19. The known risks of COVID-19 illness and its related, possibly severe complications, such as long-term health problems, hospitalization, and even death, far outweigh the potential risks of having a rare adverse reaction to vaccination, including the possible risk of myocarditis or pericarditis.”

  • Robert Kantor - 6 weeks ago

    K Hafer is not correct. The chances of developing these problems from COVID are much greater than they are from the vaccine. Please use reputable websites such as Mayo Clinic or Cleveland Clinic for accurate and unbiased information. Full disclosure, I am a doctor and am following this very closely, and as a father of a ten year old, I am looking forward to getting her vaccinated as soon as I can.

  • Nelma j Hix - 6 weeks ago

    Its Its not a VACCINE, it changes your DNA. Young people who have been given the jab ,are having terrible side effects to their hearts.Why would anymore put this toxic waste into their children, when COVID doesn't affect kids,and the recovery rate is 99% ,Fear is ruining the world and IDIOTS who are bought and paid for by GATES and FAUCHI are criminals.

  • Bruce Gelman - 6 weeks ago

    Offered yes, mandated, of course not.Let people and parents make decisions for themselves and their families.Unlike the U.S. that forces people in schools to vaccinate of be suspended.

  • George - 6 weeks ago

    Offer? Of course! And why not for a vaccine that’s been tested thoroughly, has been used for months and is proven effective fighting the COVID Pandemic, substantially reducing deaths and minimizing the effects on those who still get it for other health reasons.

  • William Proctor - 6 weeks ago

    Why would anyone wish to not see young people protected? The answer is beyond my ability to comprehend!

  • Juan Diaz - 1 month ago


  • K. HAFER - 1 month ago

    Not enough studies way way too many heart inflammation problems need independent studies not conflick of interest

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