Do you do anything special to prepare when a major storm is forecast?

  • Tommy - 6 weeks ago

    I have a cooler full of beer out in the garage to get me threw power outages!

  • CB Albainey - 6 weeks ago

    We keep all outdoor cook out gear maintained. Propaine tanks topped up. Bottle water, canned food and first aid up to date. Also, keep change of clothes appropriate to current weather conditions, first aid and some kind of food in vehicle. If you need to get out of car and walk you want to make sure you have proper foot wear on hand. This was recommended for both earthquake and storm preparedness.

  • Nobel P - 6 weeks ago

    GC Smith ,, thank you

  • G.C. Smith - 6 weeks ago

    To relate back to question of the pole. We have 2 generators and a wood stove for back up heat.

  • Sharon - 6 weeks ago

    Stephanie I think the point is that the survey has nothing to with Covid

  • Greg - 6 weeks ago

    Stephanie....does it really matter what the government releases, as people will only see what they want to see. Not sure what relevance the stats you mention would have on the "bigger picture" you mention. Bottom line is, it's a virus and we have vaccines in place to help fight it. Should you not want to utilize this preventative tool, that's a decision you will live, or for that matter, die with.

  • Stephanie - 6 weeks ago

    Instead of berating someone, look at the bigger picture. The misconceptions are actually due to the governments lack of detailed information. The government should also be releasing the stats of people who have had limbs removed due to complications of covid, and the lung damage and very lengthy recoveries. If someone chooses to not get vaccinated and they get very ill, we can't not treat them in hospitals. This is the problem. There aren't enough ICU beds and that is the bigger picture. More stats leads to more informed people.

  • Sharon - 6 weeks ago

    Devin I heard there is a big storm coming from the east and it's full of covid. Run Devin run!!!! Haha

  • JT Kirk - 6 weeks ago

    Devin is out of this world , beam me aboard , there’s no intelligent life here

  • MikeG - 6 weeks ago

    Devin's stupidity literally got blasted by every commenter here. Bahahahaha!!!

  • Tom R - 6 weeks ago


    The village called looking for you, they said they want their idiot back!

  • Jack Johnson - 6 weeks ago must subscribe to the sketchyest "news" sources ever! All it takes to debunk your nonsense is a quick google search.
    For example, you claim that 99.7 percent of Covid cases in Ireland are vaccinated? That is quite laughable. It was previously reported by the Irish Times that 3/4 of all hospitalized Covid cases are in the unvaccinated bracket. See here....
    Stop with your alarmist blue cheese misinformation!!

  • Adam - 6 weeks ago

    Devin also thinks that Elvis is alive, the earth is flat and all the government officials are baby eating lizard people.
    Coo-coo for coca puffs quite literally.
    *Golf clap*

  • Herbert - 6 weeks ago

    It’s really a shame that Devin can’t comprehend the question, sad

  • Devin - 6 weeks ago

    Analysis shows more COVID Deaths in 2021 than 2020 with large percent of 2021 deaths fully vaccinated. Oct 22 Gateway Pundit.

    COVID is surging in Waterford, Ireland where 99.7% are double vaccinated. More proof that the Jab Does Not Work.
    The Vaccinated are the Virus, the walking dead.

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