Have you ever considered living outside of the US?
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  • Angela - 7 months ago

    The best non-racism time I had was when I was in Mexico in a small village. Not one problem at all. My daughter is in Germany near Frankfurt and she has had nary an issue. She recently found a supply of Cantu over there so she is even happier. Her host family takes breaks and vacations. The schools take regular and more frequent breaks. If a teacher is sick, class is just canceled and yet the students do better over there than over here. My daughter and her host family just returned from the Alps. According to her, there is some stupid over there but they aren't overrun like we are here.

    The US is still stuck on the plantation economy and work culture. Americans (and you know which Americans I am talking about) always think other countries don't see their racism and skewed approach to work. It definitely isn't a secret. We truly live in the backwater. My husband and I are still considering moving and I am encouraging my kids to try college abroad. Definitely working to put us in the position of "we can leave up out of here".

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