Who should Barack Obama appoint as head of the U.S. EPA?


  • Nellie R. Tunsill - 14 years ago

    The people need someone with Heart and Soul that will act on their behalf. Someone with integrity and come from a long line of champions in the fight for justice.... That someone is Robert F. Kennedy Jr. Mr. Kennedy is Universal and will add so much to this new administration. We need someone who is concerned about the entire Universe, he is the One.....

  • Nellie R. Tunsill - 14 years ago

    The planet is in peril. But more serious than that,African Americans are living on Superfund Sites where their homes are adjacent to them or, were built on top of them. Many have died and still are, from exposure to the many contaminants that are found in the soil at their homes. Sickness is rampant from diabetes,congestive heart failure, kidney failure,cancer, high blood pressure and strokes, and more. Children suffer the most from lead and other heavy metals. Learning disabilities,hyperactivity, lowered IQ and behavioral problems. Maybe this time someone will really take charge ? !!!!HELP!!!!

  • Anita - 14 years ago

    I believe Carol Browner has already been choses. I also believe she is a big cheerleader for GMO's which is unfortunate since that is one of the biggest threats to society and the planet today. So much for getting the (Monsanto) foxes out of the hen house.

  • Florentine - 14 years ago

    RFK, Jr. has an unparalleled record of achievements defending public health and the environment and is the best choice to head up the EPA.

  • Taylor G. Moore - 14 years ago

    Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. is HEAD & SHOULDERS above any of these other candidates. Appointing and confirming this outstanding man most definitely would be a step in the direction towards restoring integrity and confidence in the EPA.

    President-elect Obama, do the right thing and appoint this champion of the people. PLEASE!!!


    Taylor Moore
    Joliet, IL

  • Kay Lockridge - 14 years ago

    How about Christine Whitman of New Jersey, Bush's first EPA head? She should have stepped down long before she did (and publicly condemn Bush as she did in private), but she had a good record--especially for a Republican--in New Jersey, and she might be ready to atone for her federal performance by doing the really good job of which she's capable.

  • Anthony Henry Smith - 14 years ago

    I'd prefer James Gustave Speth of the Yale School of Forestry and Environmental Studies, but if he's unavailable, I have no doubt Dan Esty, also of Yale, can do the job!

  • john abraham - 14 years ago

    I think it's ashame that Gore wants no part in the new administration. Secretary of State would be an excellent post to spread the good news green. http://www.greentechmedia.com/

    see also: http://www.greentechmedia.com/articles/who-will-be-the-next-energy-czar-5122.html

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