Will the reopening of the US border affect your travel plans?

  • Linda - 5 weeks ago

    We are in the same situation as Chris Heier after more than a year and a half and our natural immunity is alive and well after being tested just two weeks ago. We have little contact with anyone because we live in a little place here in Mexico where everyone actually respects each other and our choices. But I still have to wonder when common sense flew out the window and an artificial so-called vaccine now must be received, replacing natural immunity. It has to be the bottom line issue of "follow the money". FUD (fear, uncertainy, and doubt) is also a gigantic force.

  • Brad Boner - 5 weeks ago

    Members of the Congregation, we are being caged ever so more. And, fer chrissakes, don't blame Covid. It has become clear to this observer that borders are being closed faster than ever. Yes, blame the pandemic on this one, but if they had their wishes, most leaders would want their people home, safe and not causing problems for other countries. I reel at the despapaye that's coming.

    You say mask; I say chains.

    Don't let them smother your Life. Crossing the border once was a nothing experience. Now, it is you against every danged high-tech gadget clearly designed to stop you. Electronic government records of all sorts facilitate arrest as never before. And I am included in that bear trap if for no other reason than that border people on the USA side can call up every one bearing my name and at last finger me for something or another. It happens more than you think, plebes.

    My friends, you are sedated hamsters in a cage now.

    When they say the border is again open, they mean they are ready to weed you in or out. I choose to stay away and offer the border the fickle finger of fate every chance I get. Now you know why you feel so badly these days. They have your mind...

  • Chris Heier - 5 weeks ago

    We will not be able to travel even though we have natural immunity having had Covid a year ago. I have been tested for antibodies and they are alive and well a year later. Your vaccines cannot say that. So much for following “the science”. We are permanent residents with a small home in Guerrero.

  • Gregory Walck - 5 weeks ago

    Regardless of vaccine status, my family will never visit the US until my Mexican wife can get a tourist visa. She has been denied four times now. The last time clearly because she is married to an American. I will not leave my wife at the border like the US forces on others. We have no intention of emigrating to the US. Not now, not ever.

  • David Richardson - 5 weeks ago

    My partner has lived in Mexico for 21 years and I, for 13. We are unvaccinated and will not be unless mandated to do so. We cannot return to Canadian because of their draconian passport requirements and have no desire to travel to the US. It's too dangerous. We will be 80 next year. We have been shunned by our vaccinated ¨friends¨ and have surrounded ourselves with like-minded new friends.
    Mexico, thankfully, has not yet succumbed to the so-called irrefutable science of gene manipulation.
    We are proud to say Mexico is our home.

  • Larry Brown - 5 weeks ago

    I have permanent residence already and can cross anytime. However, my friends have not been able to cross. Now they can.
    Thanks for requiring vaccination.
    Also I feel safer in Mexico than the US. In Mexico l don’t do anything to incur the wrath of the Cartels, but in the US everyone has a gun and little control on using them.

  • Wendy Stine - 5 weeks ago

    We live in Mexico (Yucatan), we have traveled back to the US several times. The reopening of the border does not affect us.

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