Okay NOW is Dave Chappelle finished talking about LGBTQ people?


  • mizzbarnes - 2 years ago

    No, he's not done..especially with Joe Rogan and others co-signing on his stance..smdh.

  • ReallyDarkKnight - 2 years ago

    That person who voted Yes, he's done now must have just voted that way to ruin this poll. Ain't nobody can believe that shit.

  • Dre - 2 years ago

    In the previous Dave Chappelle poll I voted "Yes but a long time from now", guess I should have known better...smh

  • Dia - 2 years ago

    Hi Rod and Karen:

    I saw Dave Chappelle in person in 2017 in the Dallas-Fort Worth area. At that concert, white people outnumbered every one else by at least 8 to 1. Some of Chappelle's jokes did not land, in particular, any jokes about Trump and support of Colin Kaepernick.

    That audience didn't care they spent a lot of money to see Chappelle and they know he is Black, but that did not stop white people in my section from booing or making comments about Kaepernick in the presence of Black people. It was uncomfortable.

    My company owns and has the rights to a box at a venue in my area and I can see events well before the tickets go on sale. I do not support hateful jokes against the pride community, where I have friends, neighbors and colleagues who I love and worry about. They are gay, bisexual and trans.

    BUT even if I did support Chappelle's recent comments, I would not attend because of the crowd he is attracting. I feel these shows will be unsafe for me as a Black woman in comparison to 2017 and I will caution anyone I know who plans on attending, especially in Texas.

  • Angela - 2 years ago

    Dave thinks he is the true victim and revolutionary so he will continue to spew. Narcissist dying for attention says "what"? He is about as aggrieved as those "AKAs" who were mad about Amanda Seales. It is always the loud two or ten people making the news. As an AKA from a family of AKAs, none of us care. There is no item in our News and Upcoming events that call for the torches or even attention to this AKA character who has been on the show repping for five years. I wish people wouldn't embarrass themselves. I don't think complaining about other Black women representing Black women on a fictional tv series is part of our service mission, but maybe I am crazy. I am with Soror Yvette Nicole Brown on this one; she summed it up nicely.

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