Should B.C. adopt year-round daylight saving time?

  • Thomas - 6 weeks ago

    I agree with year round standard time, makes sense and would be healthier for us. Would be good to be presented as an option.

  • JFerguson - 6 weeks ago

    Why not year round standard time?

    It is an option that has never been put on the table. I would agree to this one

  • Lorena Rose - 6 weeks ago

    This question has been asked so many times, little way in phrasing the question but the answer seems to be a resounding Yes!!

  • Brett - 6 weeks ago

    One time, then we don’t have to constantly change the clocks would be better than nice, however this is a mute point as Alberta just voted NO for this and so we are stuck with what our neighbors do no matter what public opinion is. We’ve gone through this hypothetical question how many times. It’s a no go guys.

  • Alanna - 6 weeks ago

    I agree that standard time would be better but I think that our current time-switching best aligns us with the sun

  • Brian Pitts - 6 weeks ago

    Are people aware that little kids will be walking to school in the dark if we stay on daylight savings time? Standard time would be safer. Better still, just leave things as they are.

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