Have you ever fired a gun?


  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 1 year ago

    When I was still married and in my late 20s, I visited Mississippi for the first time because that is where my mother-in-law's peoples are from. They live in a huge swath of line--30 minute drive to the nearest neighbor. So, my father-in-law and my husband's uncles were showing me the land and their deer hunting spot. They taught me how to load and fire hand gun and also a shot gun. They were impressed at how well I held and fired the shotgun without letting it kick back. When we returned to New York, my husband said "you looked really scary with that gun. Not messing with you ever." The funny thing is when I went to college and first went to Indiana (where my husband's immediate family is from), everyone always asked me if I had a gun because I was from Brooklyn and rode the subway. They really thought it was like the Wild Wild West. I am little offended still.

    In 2018, the man I was dating took me to a shooting range in Las Vegas. The package he bought me was called "the grunt special." I learned to load and fire a 9 mm hand gun and a then sub-automatic machine gun. My ex boyfriend is a gun nut, and thought I'd really enjoy the experience but it left me shaken. It was an enclosed gun range and all you hear are the echos of guns going off all around you even through the protective ear muffs. Then the sudden realization of holding this heavy thing in my hands that could take a life overwhelmed me. It made me very uncomfortable that I vowed never to touch a gun again. People shouldn't be allowed to casually hold that much godlike power in their hands. I forget where I heard it, maybe it was on 3GO or on your show, but someone once said that when you cock a shotgun, your dick immediately gets longer because of the sheer rush of power. I don't have a penis but I absolutely understood the analogy and I don't want to fill that power again.

  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 1 year ago

    I hope I never have to fire a gun because I came up in the 80s/90s where niggas got shot for SHOES & JACKETS, and...they terrify me. I only want to shoot a gun if someone I love is in danger. I know we got "gun people" in the chat, but I choose to believe they're responsible, because they listen to TBGWT. Also, when WAR starts, me & mine are moving to Mississippi with Juwan & his family wit all the heat he got hidden in his batcave, LoL.

  • mizzbarnes - 1 year ago

    In the 7the grade, we did a hunter safety class and we all lined up in a single file line and shot the shogun that kicked back, and murdered my shoulder. After the live shooting, we got our license. That's it...no more, no less. Oh, a pamphlet to read on hunter safety as well. Probably the reason why I will not fool with a gun anymore.

  • Angela - 1 year ago

    Yes, I have-once- and I kind of liked it. It was a rifle. We don't own guns or have them in our house, but I do think it would be good to know gun safety and how to use one for the upcoming race war.

  • ThanosWasRight - 1 year ago

    My 15 year old son and I bump some 90s hip hop and go to the outdoor range at the end of each semester if his grades are straight. Our local indoor range has “date night” and my wife and I try to go at least once a month just to stay sharp…

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