Photoshopping kid's school pictures?


  • shay - 2 years ago

    part of the fun of school pictures is going back and looking at them in your adult years and seeing how goofy you looked. I have a picture in like third grade with my read leather MJ jacket and my flare pants. I thought I looked cool as fuck. photoshop kinda takes away that childhood experience. Now everybody is perfect little stepford children. Ugh! I'm glad I grew up in the eighties.

  • Mwangangi - 2 years ago

    You lookin' busted in school pics is a life lesson that some folks use to improve their photo game. For others it's a life lesson that lets them know they have other -- off camera skills they should develop. But if I, as an adult, alter the experience; any potential lesson's effect will be muted. #CriticalDuckTheory

  • brooklynshoebabe - 2 years ago

    My 14 year old graduated from middle school in June. The studio they hired did a terrible job of photoshopping the pictures that went in the year book. They didn't tell the parents or children to wear their hair off their forehead, so many of the pictures included bangs being photoshopped away. including my daughter's. BITCH!!!!! And they changed face shapes to complement the new hairstyle and they didn't airbrush out zits or acne scars and just left children looking like greasy pizza. I was so fucking angry. So, bringing up my inner white woman, I hired a photographer and did a bomb ass photoshoot in Brooklyn's Botanic Garden of my daughter in her cap and gown with her dad, her sisters, step mom and me. Not going to have my daughter's middle school legacy jacked up with terrible photoshopping. lol.

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