Will you watch the rest of 'SEAL Team' Season 5 on Paramount+ (starting Nov. 1 and then new every Sunday)?


  • Shannon B - 1 year ago

    I am SO mad that I invested all this time in watching SEAL TEAM, which I loved, only to have them move it??? CBS is ridiculous trying to make the almighty dollar!! Like someone else mentioned, I would rather have had the show cancelled!!

  • Phil - 1 year ago

    We actually already pay for Paramount but will not be watching Seal Team because of the inappropriate language. We enjoyed having a show that was family friendly but now that it’s not, we’ll be looking for another show we can watch as a family. Hope those cuss words were worth losing viewers

  • Michael E Blankenship - 1 year ago

    I always tried to watch Seal Team. However, to my disappointment, like some of the other shows I loved to watch, it seems that the desire for more revenue causes them to switch to a channel I have to spend extra to watch which I simply will not do as I am on a fixed income and the current rate of inflation dictates what I spend any extra money on which is very little! BOO to the producers of the Seal Team Series. They may live to regret the loss of the avid views they had!

  • Mary Heath - 1 year ago


  • TM - 1 year ago

    Unbelievably disappointed with ViacomCBS. Greedy decision to move a long-standing over-the-air TV program like Seal Team exclusively to an additional-fee-based streaming service has me looking to other networks. Which programs are next? Paying for cable service isn't enough?

    This is the second recent CBS change which has me changing networks and losing respect for this network. CBS' mostly abandonment of morning news for fluff is grossly irresponsible. What has happened to CBS' social & moral responsibility for using public airwaves? Is this the beginning of the end for a historically trustworthy network? Can only hope their advertisers lose lots of $$ and push back on such changes.

  • Anon - 1 year ago

    Just go to google/youtube and learn how to pirate. Hit them back where it hurts the greedy corporate bastards. just make sure you run a VPN. Welcome to the revolution friends. We're already out here fighting for you. If you make it a bad business model, they will stop doing it. How far are you willing to go? Next time an internet bill comes up for vote in your area..... Pay attention. Where some people live they monitor the internet coming into your house like water/electricity through a meter. The internet was intended to be free. Access to information isn't only for the rich. Anyway.... I won't miss an episode..... I won't be paying either. Who are the thieves? Cable companies and streaming services/ ISP's?????

  • Bob Diaz - 1 year ago

    I have watched Seal Team since the beginning. Clearly, it was the best of the 3 SOF shows that started that year. I have always recorded it and watched it later. Plus, I wanted to be able to take screen shots of some of the weapons and kit used. I was sad to see it leave for a streaming service. I was sad when Longmier left broadcast and happy when it was picked up by Netflix. So I will keep watching. I may have to figure out how I can record the stream as that still my preferred viewing method.

  • Dennis Bryant - 1 year ago

    We have watched the Seal Team from the beginning and now ViacomCBS is simply greedy pulling good shows from CBS. We will not pay for this streaming channel.
    Advertisers will lose a lot of viewers.

  • Marilyn A Shanahan - 1 year ago

    Have loved SEAL team since the first episode. My grandson was in Afghanistan, then looks a lot like Clay, and I never missed the show. . But I am 83 years old and have no way to watch anything other than CBS and TV stations near me. So Sorry and will miss it and-all the characters, and worry about their welfare.

  • Fran Breece - 1 year ago

    I have watched SEAL TEAM from the beginning and now CBS turned on us and now were suppose to pay for something was free. My bill is already too high with spectrum I'm on S.S. I really like this show but I can't afford to add a paying network

  • Janice Fields - 1 year ago

    Will NOT subscribe to Paramount. We already pay too much for DirecTV. This is ridiculous for networks to continue and add options for watching shows and increasing what we already have to pay for us to watch television. Limited income households and retired people like us depend on watching television for their entertainment. We shouldn't have to pay so much but yet get so little!

  • Silvana M Cruz - 1 year ago

    So sad watched Seal Team since day one. Can not afford to pay additional for show that was once included on my cable bill. Cable bill keeps increasing and now I have to pay additional to enjoy show that I've watched since the beginning. Nope sorry

  • Mark S - 1 year ago

    Pay to watch a show that was previously free? No thanks Viacom. Nothing on TV is that important. Ill find other shows to watch.

  • Shawn B - 1 year ago

    Will miss this. Shame on CBS moving to Paramount+ already pay nearly 300 month for the Comcast bundle. Tapping out on spending more to watch.

  • Barbara - 1 year ago

    It’s sad to think that CBS had a good show and had to send it to Paramount. I cannot afford to pay for anything else—cable is cost enough. Many of my family members and friends feel the same way I do. We think CBS made a bad move on this one. Guess the rich get richer and don’t care about anyone else. You messed up on this one!!!

  • David Bracewell - 1 year ago

    Loved watching seal team with my boys, will not watch if the language has went in the toilet. The show had great storylines with great characters, absolutely no reason to add unnecessary garbage. Please dont screw up another good show. What idiot watches a show and says, "if only it had more profanity !"

  • Tammy Daughtrey - 1 year ago

    I bought a subscription to Paramount + specifically to watch SEAL TEAM. There are a few other shows on Paramount+ that I like so I think I am ditching my cable. WIN-WIN. I think they'll really be able to do some amazing stuff. It's like watching a movie every week. It doesn't feel like a TV show. Plus I love not having 20 minutes of commercials. At first I didn't want to pay the additional $, but I am glad I did.

  • Harold Gribble - 1 year ago

    Watched Seal Team from day one. Really disappointed it has moved to paramount + as I cannot afford to pay extra to watch streaming shows. CBS has lost me as a viewer of anything on CBS. I know that won’t break you , but I don’t have to help make you. So enjoy your new fans that like filthy language as I won’t be one of them.

  • J Pest - 1 year ago

    I’m not subscribing to paramount and no way do I believe the so called “statistics”. The fact that all the comments are negative. Disenchanted. Disappointed. Hate your tactics etc!!!!!

  • J Pest - 1 year ago

    I’m not subscribing to paramount and no way do I believe the so called “statistics”. The fact that all the comments are negative. Disenchanted. Disappointed. Hate your tactics etc!!!!!

  • D Stout - 1 year ago

    I have watched & loved Seal Team since the first episode. I will not pay Para + for 1 show. Extremely disappointed that CBS would do this mid season. I wish you had just canceled it rather than move it so loyal fans cannot watch it anymore.

  • Linda - 1 year ago

    Been watching the show from day 1 and am really mad that CBS is no longer going to air Seal Team. Not paying for another platform. What really stinks is that this show should never have started out on CBS only to be dropped after five episodes. Obviously the plan was to put it on Paramount + so that’s where it should’ve started from the very beginning. Bad decision… you lost a loyal viewer.

  • Anne - 1 year ago

    Outrageous! Sorry, CBS, but you may have lost my viewing on more than Seal Team. Bad business decision, to withold a popular show from loyal viewers, effectively holding that show in a "hostage" situation, at a time when costs to the general public are already skyricketing. Bye bye, CBS.????

  • bill chamlee - 1 year ago

    man that really suxs i am a71yr vet and i am goning to miss it please reconsider. thx.

  • Angela - 1 year ago

    I love the show but I am not paying to watch it on paramount + my cable bill is already outrageous! Sad CBS made this decision.

  • Jean Johnson - 1 year ago

    Terrible plan CBS. You have made a terrible decision to pull Seal Team to a streaming station that costs extra when cable/Dish prices are already through the roof! Too bad, was a great show with great writers and actors. So sad to see you go, which also means quite a few followers.

  • Linda - 1 year ago

    Very disappointed that Seal Team has moved. 4 episodes and off you go! Bad move by CBS to take it off and move it to Paramount + . Not everyone has the means to pay for extra channels, or even cable. Lots of people out there rely on antenna. What will you move next CBS? I am done, not paying for more channels and not happy with CBS. I know this is not a first world problem-a show on TV-just expressing my frustration.

  • Carol Mcwilliams - 1 year ago

    I'm not happy with this ☹️ para + will not pay for any more programs. Shame on you for exiting in middle of season 5 . I've watched since beginning and am very disappointed for ending this way.

  • AZ2 Gerard Patrizio - 1 year ago

    As a Navy veteran on a budget, they he lost me!!!!!!

    Since the beginning of 2021 I watched CBS change a lot of things for the bad. not only have they lost me on Seal Team but NCIS no Gibbs not watching . Will start watching the other channels

  • George Greaux - 1 year ago

    Already paying for Fios, Netflix, Prime Video and MLB. Not paying for anything else.

  • Freed - 1 year ago

    Ridiculous to move a show people have been watching for 5 season and now want them to pay. Will not do it.

  • RC - 1 year ago

    I feel betrayed by CBS with his move to Paramount+ after having been a loyal follower of Seal Team's every season. I won't watch any more CBS series because they might move them to Paramount+ too. Bad move.

  • kris alfonso - 1 year ago

    I've been a fan of David Boreanaz since Angel and I followed him to Seal Team. I've watched it since it's first episode and think it's a really good show and very well written. One of the few left still worth watching. That being said, I'm old school and not really sure who, what, where or how to "stream" a tv show and I'm not at all happy that CBS pulled it off regular programing. I'm not sure if I'll continue watching and I'm upset that if I want to continue, I'll have to pay for another service for one show.

  • Gary Davis - 1 year ago

    Is there any other way to watch Seal Team? I dont have Paramount +

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