Grade the 'Judy Justice' premiere:


  • S. Norvell - 1 year ago

    I love Judge Judy. Tried her new show but it is just not the same vibe. I guess I believe if it ain’t broke don’t fix it!! But luckily in my city I can watch 2 hours every afternoon of years old Judge Judy shows! So I still get to see it. I probably have seen most of them but I only remember some…????????

  • Cr - 2 years ago

    It’s incredible how rude people can be. I guess it’s easy when all you need to do is post on a computer as no one knows who you are. I think that whatever and whoever the judge would like in HER new show should be accepted. We don’t know the behind scenes of what happened with the officer Byrd but he was given a lot of years and earned a lot of money he should be thankful for that and wish the judge nothing but success and happiness in her new venture. And for the granddaughter, who cares. Judge Judy has a right to have whomever she pleases on the show. If I were her and my granddaughter wanted to be on the show I would move mountains for it. I’ve only been able to see one show on YouTube and I am looking forward to finding out how to see her more . Thank you to judge Judy for all the years of entertainment she has given the world. God bless to you and your family.

  • Annie R. - 2 years ago

    Hate the new show, from the color of the robe, to the addition of the granddaughter & stenographer. The show is staged & boring & the chat with the granddaughter at the end is forced & cringeworthy. Having said that, the worst thing of all is that Officer Byrd isn't part of the new show. If what I’ve read regarding the cold manner in which wasn’t even given any consideration for the new show is true, then I’m extremely disappointed in JJ; I would have thought she’d be kinder to the bailiff who was at her side for over twenty five years. Byrd should be brought back but I doubt JJ would ever admit any mistakes.
    Won’t be watching the new show, but will continue to watch the old reruns.

  • S - 2 years ago

    Show is fine, it's entertaining and will continue to watch.... HOWEVER.... granddaughter has got to go! Served no purpose, just takes up space. At least the court reporter gives the impression of belonging there... even if she does giggle one in awhile.... the show is for fun, it's not brain surgery! Love to show but Rosie's gotta go!

  • Dan - 2 years ago

    Byrd!! Is all I can say.the chemistry between judge Judy and bird was undeniable . Although it's on mistakable that I used to see bird with a sour look on the old show as if he never wanted to walk to the litigan's table to take the papers. Or even when he was chewing gum in the courtroom gave me a perplexed because judge Judy did not allow gum chewing. But still the two of them together well I can't in love Kevin just is not my kind of bailiff maybe it has something to do the gallery not being full due to covid-19 restrictions. The show doesn't have a lot of energy I also don't like the maroon robe I'm still watching the old shows cuz I still love judge Judy I just wish bird was still there with her and she had the black girl and she was still dealing it to the litigants I think good old days

  • Theresa Stine - 2 years ago


  • Theresa Stine - 2 years ago

    I like the show but really wish she would bring back Boyd for some familiarity. Bring him back please.

  • Dr sandra Scantling - 2 years ago

    Big Judge Judy Show fan...can't stand new format! Won"t watch! Tedious, contrived, and boring. The final segment with Rose is an abomination...a real snooze. Lacks authenticity and pizzaz. Get rid of doesn't work grandma.I know you'd like to feature your kid, and it's your $$$, but it's dreadful. Sorry. You had a winning formula...apparently you don't believe in the old adage, "If it ain't broke..."

  • Melissa - 2 years ago

    Love the addition of the court reporter! Wish they would show her writing on her machine and her computer screen as it comes up. Fascinating! And will help JJ’s memory if she needs something read back. Glad to see it!

  • Billy cox - 2 years ago

    I love judys new show she has lost her filter and she has gone wild. She is wonderful. I wish I could meet her in person she seems to be a neat lady. And the new show WOW. It’s Judy all the way. From wapner to Judy it’s a crazy world. I love how she gets them to set there selves up to fail. Lol keep it Judy your the judge of the times Billy cox

  • Combatflyr - 2 years ago

    I am a huge fan of JJ, Byrd not so much. I never understood his lack of enthusiasm or the rude way he handled the litigants and documents. On to the new show, I am so happy to see the Judge back on the job. I am on medical leave and I have watched all the current episodes. The country hasn’t run out of ridiculous people wanting financial windfalls and Judge Judy is the one that can educate them and occasionally reward them what they are due. The new set is nice and the lighting is excellent . The addition of the stenographer and Granddaughter Rose is a huge distraction and adds no benefit to the show. The only exception being when Rose can research something on the internet or explain social media to her Grandmother .
    Another distraction is the female extra in the audience appearing in several episodes. They have her change clothing and reposition her seating but she can't help opening her eyes wide and rolling them when she thinks she is in 'the shot'. I won't be tuning in to the new show anymore until I hear that the distractors are gone.

  • Marie - 2 years ago

    I've seen every episode of Judge Judy. I am glad Byrd is not on the new show .. he never seemed interested in the cases & content - he played his puzzles , his facial expressions were often too contrary with Judge Judy's flow and didn't seem to care when he was caught clearly not paying attention...he was NEVER good enough for Judge Judy ! I haven't figured out how to watch her new show , but I will : )

  • Linda Jones - 2 years ago

    Please bring back Byrd!
    I don’t know if the show is salvageable even if he comes back since the way his not being cast was handled in such an unprofessional and unkind manner. (Perhaps there’s more to the story than we know…) Either they were truly friends off camera, as suggested so many times on the old show, or they were not. If they were not, then shame on us (!) because we were fooled more than once. If they were, then the comments we were told that Byrd made in interviews make this new show a mockery of decency.
    Can the situation be repaired? I don’t know. Perhaps if Byrd is returned to the cast and Judge Judy makes a formal and public apology to him it might be “fixed”. Perhaps not. If - and this is of course a big “IF” - all that we’ve read is true, we have seen a very unfortunate side of Judge Judy that I do not care to support on a daily - or any - basis.

  • Michael DADDONE - 2 years ago

    I love Judge Judy! I think is in an incredible strong woman that is an inspiration but with regards to the new show I think putting it on a network that you have to subscribe to is a down fall. Hard for the norm to access. Also the two other ladies are not needed on the show. To show them in the camera is worthless and the granddaughter other than them speaking after each case again she is not needed. It the Judy Justice that is all that’s needed. Byrd not being there seems weird but I understand it’s a new show. Different venue but same show except for larger limits

  • Royce Travis - 2 years ago

    Because I love Judge Judy I watch the new show. However, the two ladies don't seem to quite fit and the new bailiff can NEVER replace Byrd. The changes would be tolerable if we at least had Byrd since their banter was a huge part of the entertainment. We miss Byrd.

  • Franklin - 2 years ago

    Judge Judy was the very best. The new show is okay but I am highly disappointed that Byrd is not on the show. If what we read is true and Byrd was never asked and the situation is true about what I read from Byrd, I feel that Judge Judy is wrong. They compliment each other over the 25 years. It is wrong and disrespectful to Byrd and if it was me, I would be a little hurt by her actions. It definitely does NOT make Judge Judy look well. The amount of money that she had to pay Byrd, or thought she would have to pay Byrd, could make for a very difficult conversation that she didn't want to have with him. Therefore she handled it in the best way possible. I don't think that she had mean intentions towards Byrd and she probably still cares for him deeply BUT the situation did not present itself for them to be together. I think that she should bring back Byrd to her show. Otherwise, it is not going to be the same show or have the success of the original Judge Judy. I still watch Judge Judy everyday. The new show, I am still out on a verdict.

  • Shary Spadoni - 2 years ago

    She has begun to talk and explain to her audience, as though we are all in preschool. Don’t care for the feel of this new show. This is more of a testament to her own aging and not keeping sharp mentally. Just too strained.
    I had always loved Judge Judy because as the kids say, she was above the fray and she was always hip and happening! Hate to watch her decline.

  • Kimmie - 2 years ago

    Judy lacks Moral Fiber. She worked with Byrd for over 20 hrs and didn’t have a conversation with him about not joining her. It’s so disrespectful. I watch a few episodes and too many pointless people. Judy’s voice is also annoying (it hoarse and cracking at times). I miss Byrd and I understand if she wanted to try something new, but it’s not what you do it’s how it’s done. Her behavior toward Byrd was classless, tasteless, and disrespectful. I have no respect for her. Therefore in won’t be watching

  • Jan - 2 years ago

    I miss Baliff Byrd and the original Judy. This new version of Judy is arrogant and mean spirited toward her Plaintiff and Defendant. The extra ladies on the bench add no value at all to anything. When Judge Judy rewarded the “ entitled Karen” with $10,000 after Karen was cutting in car line in front of defendant and got out of her car to swear at defendant, I lost my old respect for Judge Judy. JJ is showing her grumpy age in this new show. I’m done.

  • Rosa - 2 years ago

    I've watched at least two episodes. The Baliff looks like a (security guard) with no display of authority. Although Bryd is no longer there, at least Judge Judy show have at least got a Baliff that looks intimidating! Talking to your granddaughter after a case isn't impressive. It would look more inviting to have that conversation with the Baliff.

  • Lori - 2 years ago

    I’ve been a Judge Judy fan for over 20 years, many times taping the shows so I didn’t miss when I had other commitments. I don’t care for the new show. Not bringing Byrd to the new show is a huge mistake and the new supporting cast are distracting and add no value. The after case chatter with the clerk in the office is so ridiculous and clearly just an opportunity to give her granddaughter some air time. Show is disappointing!!!

  • L.S - 2 years ago

    The legal assistant is sooo boring and stiff. I don’t know why she has opportunity to be on camera and, also true about the court stenographer, who appears to make snarky faces towards the plaintiffs and defendants. I’m not a fan of this new show and format.

  • Lori - 2 years ago

    Here’s a big problem with this show...
    The court stenographers chuckling and smirking whenever she finds something said by JJ either reprimanding a plaintiff or defendant in a case. In any other court room, the court stenographer would be reprimanded by the presiding justice and if it continued in his/or her courtroom, would be dismissed.
    The stenographer is obnoxious and unprofessional! Get rid of her!

  • John - 2 years ago

    I'm not a fan of the new supporting cast (law clerk and court reporter). Both seem pointless. Funny that I felt something seemed awkward about JJ's relationship with the law clerk. Just read that it's her granddaughter. Explains a lot.
    Unlike most, I don't miss Byrd the bailiff at all. Never felt he added any value in the old show. Glad they didn't retain him for this new show (perhsos coulda and shoulda been handled better). I would prefer a bailiff like the one [Doyle] on Judge Mathis.

    Anyway, I'll continue watching Judy Justice for now. Hopefully it will evolve and improve, otherwise I may drop off as a viewer at some point.

  • Dr sandra Scantling - 2 years ago

    Such intelligent comments from previous reviewers. I emphatically agree! I have been a die-hard JJ fan for years. She is enormously talented and entertaining, but this new show is PAINFUL to watch. I suspected the law clerk was related because she offers nothing and distracts from the main "star" JJ. The post conversation appears forced and lifeless...?point. And while you're giving your granddaughter the heave-ho (zero personality), do the same with your court reporter. Why all the closeups? Who cares? Is she also a "relative". And although Kevin seems benign, the entire show reminds me of reheated pablum...boring, a bit tasteless (that granddaughter), and lacking the usual crunch and crispness of the old show. It was also a big mistake to remove the flavoring of Judge Judy and Byrds relationship. BIG CASTING MISTAKE!!

  • Pat D - 2 years ago

    Love Judge Judy, hate this new show. The court reporter and clerk are absolutely unnecessary and add nothing to the show. There is a slim chance of her developing any chemistry at all with the bailiff because Judge Judy has to split her looks and/or comments with the vacuous looking court reporter and clerk (what exactly is their purpose?). The salaries for those two nonentities could have been used to keep Byrd on (since the "claim" was that his salary was too high for this new series; and by the way, I'm not buying THAT).

  • Shirley Malone - 2 years ago

    I agree with all the Byrd fans. Bring him back. For me, it just is not the same without him there. Me, and my husband taped the old judge Judy, if we were not going to be home. We have watch her, and Byrd for many, many years. Unfortunately I will not watch the new show, don't understand why the court reported, or the very boring segment at the end with Judge Judy, and the law clerk, who seems very non interested in conversing with the Judge are there. Makes absolutely no sense, and purpose. The new baliff do not in any way have the chemistry that the Judge, and Byrd had. He might be a nice guy, but he is not Byrd. Take that money being paid to the new characters, and bring Byrd BACK. Not happy with the new show, except that the lighting is much better, and Judge Judy, who I love by the way is still her same old self that I am use to. Other than that.. I am really ???? disappointed.

  • Mary Tillman - 2 years ago

    Get rid of the granddaughter. Her opinion means nothing. I love Judge Judy, but her "after moment" in her chambers is reminiscent of People's Court. I prefer the old setup for her court.

  • Julie - 2 years ago

    I agree with other comments the ending with granddaughter is terrible.I am a huge fan of the other shows but this is too forced And to fake .Take out court reporter and no fake discussions at the end.It needs slot of work to even be close to the other shows.

  • SherN - 2 years ago

    Boring beyond words, especially the forced discussion at the end with the granddaughter. Why are granddaughter and stenographer needed? I watched it on Youtube and would have been angry had I spent money to see it. I'm never watching again.

  • Georgia Maner - 2 years ago

    I loved it! Watched all posted episodes at one time. Love tough Judy and a nice touch is the short discussion with granddaughter at the end! Can’t get enough of it.

  • Ramona Ato - 2 years ago

    I really like the new show and found the discussion as to why Judge Judy found what she did to be very informative. Kudos on the new format.

  • Mari - 2 years ago

    I much prefer the old Judge Judy format. The stenographer and the granddaughter do not add anything to the show. They should get rid of them.
    The new bailiff seems to be nice, however, there was chemistry between Byrd and Judy. This new bailiff may be ok with time, but you need to give him more camera time instead of to the stenographer and the granddaughter.

  • Marie - 2 years ago

    Watched two episodes. Nothing new about the show. I was not interested in the after courtroom chatter between Judge Judy and her granddaughter. What is her role on the show anyway? Who cares about her opinion of the cases. Didn't understand why camera kept focusing on the court stenographer. Is she a relative too???
    Judy Justice = Thumbs down!

  • Marie - 2 years ago

    Watched two episodes. Nothing new about the show. I was not interested in the after courtroom chatter between Judge Judy and her granddaughter. What is her role on the show anyway? Who cares about her opinion of the cases. Didn't understand why camera kept focusing on the court stenographer. Is she a relative too???
    Judy Justice = Thumbs down!

  • Christopher Nance - 2 years ago

    Just like Judge Judy, she can not go a single episode without saying "just a second" multiple times and I miss Byrd.. Her granddaughter and the stenographer has no part in the show..just facial expressions

  • Pamela - 2 years ago

    All I can say is the money they are paying for the granddaughter and the court reporter could have been used to pay Byrd’s salary as those 2 are an absolute waste of time and cash. Completely useless and actually a little annoying, but at the very least, an unnecessary addition!

  • NN - 2 years ago

    I love Judge Judy! I agree- the two ladies on either side of her don’t add anything to the show and I skip the conversation with her granddaughter at the end because I have no interest in it. I don’t mind that Bryd isn’t the bailiff. It’s not the Bryd’s all about Judy!
    I do like the increase in compensation awarded!

    Side note- please get rid of the lady in the audience behind the plaintiff. She looks up and left and all around and it’s distracting. What is she even looking at? She looks crazy

  • Darlene Saltzman - 2 years ago

    I like how Judge Judy does the cases. Very reminiscent of her former show. I don't particularly care for the law clerk or the court reporter they really do not add anything to the show I do not see a purpose for their presence.

  • Charles M. Flournoy - 2 years ago

    For more than two decade , Judge Judy had Byrd on her show, she has NEVER reached out to him to have a little
    " get together " ( lunch, drinks or dinner ). I don't know if she's a racist but I do think she is NOT friendly.
    I will NOT be watching any of her shows again.

  • Bilban - 2 years ago

    Bring back Mr Byrd

  • William Duren - 2 years ago

    Why are we doing commercials on Amazon

  • Kathy Kolvites - 2 years ago

    1. I miss Byrd- bring him back!
    2. Get rid of the granddaughter and the stenographer - not only don't they add to the show, they take away from it - how many times do we need to watch their "I'm interested" or "that's funny" expressions?
    3. Get rid of the chat with the granddaughter at the end of cases- boring- we already know what she is going to say
    4. Judge Judy seems to be toning down her witty and sarcastic comments, is it because the granddaughter is there?
    5. LOVE the old Judge Judy show. Judy Justice- so far, not so much.

  • Vita Santana - 2 years ago

    I Miss Officer Byrd. They had such great chemistry together. The cameras continuously pan to her granddaughter and court stenographer who smile and giggle. Puleese! They add nothing to the show. The original format was better. P.S. no offense, but Judge Judy’s hairstyle is awful. Perhaps some hairspray for those flyaway hairs. She’d look great in a bob.

  • Greg - 2 years ago

    The show is a hybrid of Judge Judy. The big difference is that the show is about the judge. The camera ignores the litigants and gives judge Judy so much more to say. The old show allowed more interaction to a point that the new show leaves them out of the process. Plus her robe is horrible, and I am not sure why there is a stenographer and a court clerk. Seems a little too much. The opening credits focus on California. The old show allowed you to believe she was in you region. I'll watch when there is nothing else to watch.

  • Stephanie - 2 years ago

    While it may look the same, ie a courtroom setting, it is a new format with ;
    1 increase in compensation awarded
    2 pleasant bailiff. Bert appeared bored and tired
    3 court stenographer, that is very important for immediate reference
    4 Judge Judy continues to teach the viewers by letting the plaintive and defendant know their responsibility required to win their case.
    5 a high light is the after trial discussion with her granddaughter, Sarah. Factual review of the cases and how things should have been done in a prepared succinct manner.
    6 loved to learn if you tell the truth your memory will always be consistent.
    Congratulations on your new venture.

  • Carolyn Bratton - 2 years ago

    Disappointed in Judge Judy. I will not be watching either.

  • Kathy - 2 years ago

    I'm a huge JUDGE JUDY fan, but I was quite disappointed with her new show. There was good chemistry between the judge and Byrd, but not so with this new bailiff. The granddaughter adds absolutely nothing to the show. The entire program seems forced and scripted. I love Judge Judy dearly and have been to several tapings of her show, but this was a BIG disappointment. I will watch the reruns. They are much better.

  • KC - 2 years ago

    Yes format and tenor is similar. However the lighting is much, much better!

  • Teri - 2 years ago

    Where's BYRD?

  • Joann M Dillon - 2 years ago

    Judy Justice is boring compared to Judge Judy. Almost the same show but it needs more background music, etc.

    Most importantly bring back Byrd. The guy you have now seems very timid.

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