The Squad voting "No" on the infrastructure deal?


  • Joe - 2 years ago

    At the end of the day, Democrats are not Republicans. Which is good news.

    People talk about how Republicans are so lock-step, but the only thing that really brings them together is their fear/anxiety/hatred of "them" (y'all know who I'm referring to here). Democrats don't like Republicans, but not all to the same degree - the further a Democrat thinks they are from "them", the more 'chill' their relationship with conservatives.

    The discord can look combative, but it's how Democrats make sure that all views are heard. If "the Squad" keeps quiet, can we expect the more moderate members to include progressive needs? What we all need is to be able to tell constructive information and feedback from just plain noise.

  • Angela - 2 years ago

    I am going to say mostly a bad look. I understand the purpose of the Squad. You do want to push and stir up awareness, but the purity test/all or nothing stances are crazy-making.

    This culture does not hold white folks accountable for their racist voting or how we "do" race in this country. My mom wrote a book called, "When Getting Along is Not Enough: Reconstructing Race in Our Lives and Relationships.." She says race is "done" in this country. She says we focus on the form of race. instead of the function of race in this country. The way we do race is how we end up with VA gov election results and Trump, and people complaining about Dems not appealing to those GOP/white voters. It is also how we end up with the popular mainstream media question of late, "How early should kids learn about race?"

    The GOP takes issues the Squad supports, codes, and twists them for their white (and coon supporters). Sometimes I wish the Squad would stop walking into these obvious traps. However, their being quiet won't shift the racists off of their goals. Due to the function of race, the blandest/non-Squad Dem will always be a villain to these folks and will always serve as something for them to vote against. I don't know how much effect the Squad has on them in the end. But I still think it's a bad look as it encourages other Dems to do stupid shit like not vote and pout over compromise. We do have to keep working though. Like Karen said my ancestors didn't suffer indignities and die so I could sit on my ass and not vote so the GOP can further act upon their belief that Black folks (and others they disdain) aren't people and continue to decide that we don't get rights.

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