Who gave the best performance during the Live Playoffs?


  • Linda chu - 1 year ago

    Paris Winningham is the best vocalist and performer this season!!!!!

  • Sara Stitt - 1 year ago

    Paris Winningham does it for me!

  • Syretha Richardson - 1 year ago

    My favorite was Samuel, then Wendy. There's just a lot of good talent this season.

  • Viki Long - 1 year ago

    OMG There’s absolutely no question that WENDY is The Voice!! She has that power house voice that I could listen to for hours… and anybody who can sing a Whitney song like she did… No question that she should win!!! There have been several other powerhouse singers who have made it to the top four in recent years but it I was always some country singer who ended up winning & they came in first or second runner up like last year‘s First runner up, but luckily she I believe has a recording contract and was’nt forgotten after the show was over with. Wendy reminds me of the previous voice winner, Jordan Smith, who I picked to win the minute he sang his first song, chandelier, and the blind auditions years ago because he had such a dynamic voice and every song he sang was a knockout. Wendy has been the same way ! None of her song choices have disappointed and she is absolutely sensational!! GO WENDY!!!!!❤️

  • Michelle Irvin - 1 year ago

    Yes tossup for me between Wendy and Samuel
    I just want Wendy to get what she has deserved all her life

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