Do you charge your clients PayPal fees?

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Posted 10 years.


  • Jay - 3 years ago

    just to let you know what i offer. cash is still king and quicker and less trouble as you have to do the tech dance before your get paid wich is very pain full. I prefer pay pal here as they can reject the payment on paypal. the only issue is needs top be full charged and updates mean you have to go old school on the email now and then. Paypal here puts a added protection as the customer has to punch the pin in with chipped card which is harder to say I wasn't there. You can set up a tip of 3% for offering a mobile payment service. just let them know they can pay prior by bank transfer or cash and there isn't any complaints. In Australia your allowed by law to charge the fees on top as long as you offer a way to be paid without. I dont know why its against policy if not against the law. Policy, like this will make people jump as soon as there is a new app that has more freedom. With the rise of bitcoin ethereum on the way $1 is really all you we should pay for a transaction service in the near feture P 2 P 4 me, go the pirate party.

  • karen rowley - 7 years ago

    Good points raised. I try to encourage bank transfer but for overseas guests, PP may be only option. Not happy they can request money back tho...can this only happen if you have dosh in there? Also, recently (beginning december) another guest paid me by email and got my address wrong. Money disappeared to this wrong address. She is still fighting to get her money back.

  • Nick - 10 years ago

    Most of my clients pay by check, so I don't have to use Paypal often, but the ones that do pay by Paypal shouldn't have to be charged more to cover that fee. It's just the cost of doing business. If you offered credit card as a payment through another payment gateway, you'd have to pay that too. At least it's a tax write off!

  • Todd Smith - 10 years ago

    I like to give the sense that I'm giving to my clients. I don't like nickel and dime business models. I want to make it easy for people to buy.

  • Karl Grabowski - 10 years ago

    First Don't use paypal for billing, get a real merchant acct. Secondly, it is against TOS, not only for paypal but for Visa, MC, Discover and AMEX. You can loose your processing abilities for charging extra for the privilege of using a CC.

    I have turned companies in for it, because I don't want to pay for their cost of doing business. I have to pay it, so should they.

    There is a movement right now to lower those fees (i've been meaning to check it out), I believe it's called "The Merchants Bill of Rights" (do a search on google, I'm going to).

    Anyway, to sum up... Those fees are being paid by all the businesses who accept credit cards, think about going to buy something and paying an additional 1.9% - 2.9% on the bill for using a credit card; wouldn't you be upset. Well by charging your clients this, thats what your doing.

    It's a cost of doing business, plain and simple.

  • Sean - 10 years ago

    I think Oliver is correct that it violates the TOS to charge more. I do accept it, but prefer bank transfer.

  • Creative Inside - 10 years ago

    Well you can use Paypal and not have it show up as paypal they do have a merch side of things. But your point on the client can lodge a complaint and get money back they can also do this via credit card payment as a charge back..... In all the way's of payment there's always something that can happen.

  • Zinni - 10 years ago

    I would never use paypal for clients personally, there is too much risk that they can argue they received anything and steal your money back. Plus I think that it looks a little amateurish to be accepting money via paypal...

  • Oliver - 10 years ago

    I think its against PayPal T&C to actually charge more. It was last time I checked.

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