Grade the 'Call the Midwife' Season 10 finale:


  • Gayle - 1 year ago

    This show is such revealing of our current situation and economic world no matter where you live in the world today: issues of abortion, religious beliefs, women's rights, homelessness, physical abuse, mental health. I am enjoying every moment. My oldest grandson watched the episode with physical abuse and knew friends who are facing it in his school. It opened the doors to a discussion which might not have happened otherwise. Keep it coming.

  • Pamela w - 1 year ago

    Love this show. Best series ever. Sorry episodes ended for 2021. The prams used are beautiful as compared to the carriages used today. I actually kept daughter's pram from 1961 and store in basement.

  • Mattie Herald - 1 year ago

    I was a late comer to Call the Midwife, but once found, I know I've watched the nine seasons multiple times. I just finished the 10th. Without exception this is my all time favorite series. They do a great job at the mindset at that time in our history. I was a teenager 1965, and became pregnant, I had to quit school and get married. They way they treat mother's and babies of all circumstance is so lovely, sensible, kind. I was so grateful to hear they are continuing the story for several years to come. Thank you to all for a show that weaves the lives of all with great care and believability. Love you all, can't wait to see what comes next!!

  • Donna Rogers - 1 year ago

    This series has ALWAYS addressed the issues of the time dignity , insight and grace. Non judgmental solutions to what so many girls, women and older females suffered in that "Baby Boomer" of time in our reproductive history.
    Today , the issues and challenges may seem trivial.or " solved" but they continue to be a serious question for women. I recall my own experiences in thec1960s with so little EDUCATION about my body, birth control and my mental health. These ten years of Call The Midwife have been an extraordinary journey into my past and a knowing that the future issues presented DO have good sensible solutions for the future.
    The music of those times is used to put an EXCLAIMATION POINT on the current episode being shown and takes me back to All those confusing emotions and situations I faced at the that very fragile time in my own life. The creators , writers and actors are top class human beings and portray thier characters with the utmost sensitivity. They become your friends , sisters, Aunts and Mothers and mostly reflect who you yourself might have been in those turbulent and changing times. I have looked forward to every episode all these years and don't even want to think of its ending.. Wonderful Truth Telling show. Deserves EVERY AWARD POSSIBLE in the Entertainment Industry. Keep up your good story telling. You are the Best.????✌

  • Liana - 1 year ago

    I enjoy "Call the midwife" immensely. I am a little disappointed because I didn't expect this episode to be the last one of the season. The cast is perfect, the acting superb. You are definitely a winner

  • Monica Rebello Gonsalves - 1 year ago

    I love this show, it balances the terrible things that happen to women and their babies with empathy, humor, love and wonderful actors. Even the babies seem like actors. It is one of the most realistic shows about childbirth before women could give birth with dignity and in a clean environment.

  • Arthur Landry - 1 year ago

    this is the best show i have ever seen on television and i have been watching since 1963. The warmth, dialogue, heart...nothing like it

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