Which of the Top 11 gave the best performance?

  • Tyler johnston - 2 weeks ago

    Hey please make sure haile, Jershika maple, parris, gymanni, Lana Scott, Jeremy Rosesadoe them should be in the top 10 cause their performance was awesome. They should deserve spot in the next round. Please vote for them.

  • Judy Corbisiero - 2 weeks ago

    Holly was the best performance!! Her voice was perfect. She must be in top 10.

  • OFELIA - 2 weeks ago

    GNT all the way!!

  • Mpb - 2 weeks ago

    Wendy all the way! It’s like Arianna said It’s time for her to be in the forefront now, she deserves it!!

  • Sam - 2 weeks ago

    Sorry damn technology. I feel nothing when GNT sings Other than that was nice and then I forget it. Little tired of the dog whistle note every song too.

  • Sam - 2 weeks ago

    Charlie my friend I just don’t agree with you about Wendy. She is an artist in the style of Aretha. Cool. Collective. Every week you bring this up but GNT, while having lovely vocals, are like watching the Stepford kids. It’s literally the same performance every week. We know it’s going to be slow. Becca will do her high note. But Ingrid Andress breaks you heart when she sings it. I feel both from GNT. And Lana did a great job on a monster of a song. I just don’t get the beef about Wendy. And it makes me a little sad because she is the best vocalist but never had a chance because at the end of the day America won’t vote for an older Woman of color. It has never happened. And that’s just a shame.

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