Grade the Peacock movie 'Psych 3: This Is Gus':


  • Kelly feliciano - 1 year ago

    I started watching just recently, I wanted something to make me laugh. I was tired of slap stick jokes for the moment. Ty so much for cracking me up. I truly needed to watchthis cast just vibe together ❤ ????. Gratefully yours a wondering women( Will there be a 4th one? I pray you get picked up frome peacock.

  • Mandy Patmore - 1 year ago

    Keep 'em coming. More movies, more fun. Maybe, another musical. Loved the musical. The music is stuck in my head. My bird whistles the tunes.
    I love to watch "Psych" over and over and over.
    Love the crazy antics and the adorable characters.
    I'm 70 years old and the cast makes me laugh and laugh, until I cry. The boys are so lovable.
    Still haven't found all of the pineapples, but, most of them. Please make no. 4,5,6,7...

  • empb - 1 year ago

    Just keep making them - and we will keep watching them. (ABC Australia and Richard Roxburgh's Rake should have done this, left it a few years and then Rake TV Movies, but no they killed Cleaver Greene at the end of the last episode)

  • William - 2 years ago

    While Psych 1 movie was a blast, the feel of Psych was reduced. Less insane, less Shawn quirks...but we still love the movie.

    Psych 2, again we loved it, but there are a lot of adult jokes in it, and sadly even less Psych personality then the first movie.

    Psych 3 , made up for all of the movies. It has less of a story line, but it felt like the old Psych shows. It was crazy, insane, and this house was full of laughter.

  • Morgan - 2 years ago

    I have loved each movie and rewatch the show all the time! Please green light movie 4! It is the only reason I even got the premium on Peacock. The movies are so funny and still manage to surprise the audience with its twists and turns. I also love how each movie focuses on something a little different each time-it gives the chance for great character development and it’s not just watching the same thing on repeat. Please please make another movie!!!!!!

  • Audrey Mae Secord - 2 years ago

    My boyfriend and I both REALLY want 4-6 GREEN-LIT. Go go gooooo CMON SON

  • Psycho Family - 2 years ago

    I just want to say how much joy psych has brought to our family! Even my 6 year old daughter loves this show and all of the cast! We were thrilled with the latest movie! We have loved all of the movies so much! I mean, what other tv show can pull this off and do it well? I can think of none! So, WELL DONE Psych????????????????! We love each and every cast member dearly and will be VERY disappointed if peacock doesn’t give the green light on movie 4! Psych 3 was the only reason we paid for premium on Peacock!! So keep the Psych movies coming!!!! With Love, a family of Psychos ????❤️

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