Who WILL win 'DWTS' Season 30?


  • Jerry - 1 year ago

    It's all rigged, very political...just like everything else associated with Hollywood!!!!!

  • T - 1 year ago

    I just know the producers are going to allow JoJo to win this season unfairly because they are the first same sex couple and if that happens I will never watch this show again. It has already been unfair scores on the judge’s behalf.

  • Lola - 1 year ago

    The best freestyle will win.

  • Joyce B. - 1 year ago

    The viewer's vote are turning this dancing competition into a popularity contest!!
    The judges are there to score, they should also be the deciding factor who should win!!!

  • Rosemary McNerney - 1 year ago

    Who will win probably determined at the casting table. It's a first having 2 women and seemingly politically correct. Who should win is Iman with no previous dance experience but who performed well and has a winning attitude and personality. Let the dance begin.

  • Joan - 1 year ago

    Well I don't like that on the American Music Awards tonight JoJo was a presenter but before she announced the winner she told everyone to watch Dancing with the Stars tomorrow night and vote for her, then gave the number to text and vote 10x each. Also they have a huge advantage of 2 females dancing together, they can sure do alot more moves etc. than say 2 guys could. I don't think we would see 2 guys doing some of these flips and moves as they do. I don't care if they are gay, just keep it fair, male and female partners to make the dances field fair. And agree with getting rid of Tyra, she's not on a fashion runway and says some pretty off things to the dancers.

  • Marjorie Waddey - 1 year ago

    Whoever wins is fine with me. I was not going to watch it for personal reasons this season but I did. This has been the best season of dancing I have watched since the beginning. All dancers were very gracious toward each other. Routines were amazing. Good luck to all.

  • c. herbert - 1 year ago

    Someone with dance experience should not be on the show. And should not be a winner either. Not fair at all.

  • Ra - 1 year ago

    That jojo woman dances better than her correographer. And that kloots woman is a Broadway professional. This is absurd. These women are not what this show is about. And they got rid of the Spice girl way too soon.

  • Terri T - 1 year ago

    Jojo & Amanda should never have been asked to join the show. They have a dance background. This is where Iman & Cody belong, on a show like this. You enjoy watching any performer improve & become a better dancer. I'm hoping for Iman. He has worked hard & deserves to win!

  • Heather - 1 year ago

    IMO if you have extensive dance background u shouldnt even be on the show.

  • Sherry pounds - 1 year ago

    Scoring has not been fair and then some of the highest scores go home, come on now! And get rid of Tyra banks, peewee Herman would be a better host !

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