How are your employer's 2022 business prospects looking compared to 2021? (Poll Closed)
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  • Movement Of Jah People - 2 weeks ago

    I counterintuitively voted "Worse". I do not wish to name my employer. In many ways, it's unnecessary and irrelevant. The Great Resignation is what I wrestle with in terms of this question, It's happening on the vendor and healthcare provider fronts. I'll still say that some organizations are likely seeing more resignations than others, and the reasons for the resignations matter a lot.

    I know a lot of friends and colleagues at various organizations for whom the pandemic just forced an organic reassessment of what they were doing, and choices got made without a lot of animus. I also know a lot of friends and colleagues for whom their employer actively mismanaged the pandemic, some in ways that were hostile to their staff, and whose employers are now paying a heavy price for that in terms of unnecessary turnover. Unnecessary turnover, and low morale among those who remain to pick up the slack. I'm most concerned about making sure the latter scenario is minimized across the industry.

    The question I wrestle with is how projects move forward in the face of The Great Resignation. This is a knowledge industry, after all, and you lose knowledge when you lose people. My sense is that the healthcare IT space has always been a growth industry, and one that is resistant to downturns. Prospects are probably great across the industry, but only if projects can get staffed and things can get done by knowledgeable people. I have to confess that I feel a lot of concern with every single deal I've been hearing about, or seeing announced on HIStalk. Doesn't even matter who the vendor is, given how many organizations have been dealing with turnover. I just hope that projects move forward on time and are done well. It would be a shame for the industry of healthcare IT to be sullied by poor and foolish responses to a healthcare challenge. The irony would be too great.

    I'm very interested to know if others have been seeing similar concerns in their corners of health IT.

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