Which do you prefer?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 8 months ago

    The $5 option is not a bad idea, but I'm *fully* vested, so it doesn't necessarily affect me.

  • Sofa King - 8 months ago

    Would the episode have to be "random"? I happened to have some extra money, when you were doing the Memorial Day sale, this year, and I was able to go premium for the first time. Before that, a premium subscription, either monthly or yearly, was outside of my budget, but I would have been willing to pay between $3-5 for (for instance) the episode of The Nerd Off you guys did, right after Black Panther came out, or Episode 398 of Balls Deep, just based on the written summary. Have you guys ever thought about an a la carte option?

  • Joe - 8 months ago

    If for no other reason than to bring the occasional gift of Justin into people's lives - let the fivers in on some.

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