Who did YOU want to win 'DWTS' Season 30?

  • Missy K - 4 days ago

    The show is fixed. Jenna and Jojo were consistent throughout. Jenna is an amazing choreographer, teacher and dancer and brings out the best in everyone she teaches. How they didn’t win is beyond me and makes this a crappy popularity show. Are you sure Tyra Banks said the right name because she sure fumbled a bit? It wouldn’t be the first time.

  • Sandra Gookin - 2 weeks ago

    I've watched Dancing w/ the Stars since the beginning (1st Season). I love the show! This Season 30 & last season w/ Tyra Banks were both different. I would liked to have seen more professional dancing interludes than costume changes this season, though fun to see. The show is a dancing show, not a fashion show of costumes & various hair styles & etc. Also, Tyra Banks needs to talk louder or have a better sound system that can project her voice when speaking over the crowd noise & music so you can understand what she's saying. Sometimes she sounded like she had Mush in her mouth. I favored Iman & Daniella & Jojo & Jenna throughout the competition. As an old school educator, I often am a champion of the "different" &/or the "under dog". I'll be watching Dancing w/ the Stars Season 31 & every season it's televised.

  • Kathy Poort - 2 weeks ago

    I don't think Iman was as good as Jojo, and I liked Amanda a lot, but Iman did improve, so I am just well okay, so what, Iman and Daniella worked hard for the Mirror Ball. I do think that the judges do better by choosing the person to save or not. That way it is not just a popularity contest.

  • Tammy - 2 weeks ago

    So very happy with the outcome !!!!! Haha and ha

  • Lynn - 2 weeks ago

    Whilst Iman made improvements as an amateur he was definitely not on the same level as the others. He should not have won. In the end it came down to a popularity contest, so disappointing.

  • Jan Gladish - 2 weeks ago

    I wish Tom Bergeron was back on DWTS! Tyra Banks did a horrible job and her outfits were ridiculous to say the least...Hopefully this will change by the next time DWTS returns.

  • Jan Gladish - 2 weeks ago

    JoJo should not have been allowed to perform on DWTS since she was already a professional dancer. I wanted Amanda to win but agree Iman went from the bottom to the top! I don't like for the judges to over-rule the audience votes in choosing the winner! Thank God Iman won over JoJo!!!

  • sugarntucson - 2 weeks ago

    Although I appreciated the dancing by JoJo and Jenna, I was enthralled by Iman and Daniella. Iman's humble manner made me wish he could win. He worked hard and showed an improvement from week to week with such a spectacular finish (oh My Goodness). Daniella did a terrific job with her choreography geared especially to compliment the height difference rather than making it a handicap. Not a fan AT All of Tyra Banks though. There were nights I could not bare it, recorded it, and skipped through her the next day.

  • Carole - 2 weeks ago

    The right couple won.thats what dancing with the stars is about..Jo Jo should not have been on that show to begin with as she is a performer

  • Emma Elizabet Gomez - 2 weeks ago

    I thinks Jo Jo was for me the winner, in this show always likes a lot the sportsmen and support them. I wonder if they notice that we can tell when they make won who don't really deserved. Tyra poor girls in one of the show she was talking and there was an issue with the sound and she didn't know, I guess in some point she realize what happened but never said sorry about that. Maybe the show is too much for her. Whoever dressed her is doing a pretty bad job.

  • Ay Kinder - 2 weeks ago

    The right pair won. I enjoyed Tyra in ANTM, but she is a horrible host for DWTS. After the first show, I stopped watching live, and watched on Hulu, where I could fast forward her painful hosting attempts and go straight to the dancers.

  • Ray - 2 weeks ago

    Iman had no prior dance experience . He came a long way and dazzled us in the end. Also, Daniela did a great job with her choreography and working with a partner much, much taller than her. Congrats Iman and Daniela - well deserved.

  • Framces - 2 weeks ago

    Iman was an amateur coming into the show and he worked hard to win. But he's no longer an amateur! It was exciting to watch the 2 dance together on the journey! Great job Iman! and Pro! 10! 10! 10! 10!

  • Ellen M Murphy - 2 weeks ago

    Considering JoJo to be the celebrity and not the pro was ludicrous. I watched her for years on "Dance Moms" and thought it totally unfair that she was invited on the show. She was not the first and based on history will probably not be the last but it does make Iman's win that much more special.

  • BETSY HAMMER - 2 weeks ago

    Congratulations, Iman & Daniella, on a richly deserved win!!!! Iman came in with no dance training, and was transformed into a fabulous dancer with the fantastic coaching and choreography skills of the supremely talented Daniella. The height difference between the two of them was amazing to overcome, and to watch them together as the weeks went by, they became a wonderful couple, with no glaring noticeability of the height difference anymore. It would’ve been very unfair for Ms. Siwa to have won given all her years of dance training — it was unfair from the get-go to even have her on the show and in the competition. It’s unbelievable to me that she was even allowed to enter. I don’t remember any other season where there has been a professional dancer who’s been allowed to enter the competition. On another note, I agree with what people are saying about Tyra Banks. It’s one thing for her to have purchased ownership of the show, but she is a terrible host for the show. I used to enjoy her on ANTM, but that’s where she belonged, not on this show. Tom Bergeron should never have been laid off, he was outstanding. Tyra does an awful job. Does anyone else wonder why she had the results in her hand, she stared at them, kept staring at them, and then suddenly exclaimed, as if in complete shock, “OMG!!! Iman and Daniella!!!” What was THAT about? It appeared to look sooo phony. Tyra does not come off as authentic on this show, which is why she comes off as an awful host. She was able to be authentic on ANTM, because that was her world. Tom Bergeron was hired to be an entertaining articulate host on DWTS, and he was. Too bad he can’t be brought back anymore, as he’s firmly announced he’s moved on. Anyway, on a final note, how utterly sensational that Iman and Daniella won the Mirrorball trophy, they became an incredible superstar dance team together!!!!!

  • MaryAnn Hance - 2 weeks ago

    Absolutely delighted with the surprising results. They accomplished the most overall with no dance experience and were most humble. Love Jenna and Cheryl who are outstanding leaders but it was refreshing to see a new pro win. They worked hard and overcame many obstacles mainly height balancing. Bravo!

  • Linda - 2 weeks ago

    I can't believe Iman won. The only thing he did all season was walk he did not even dance. Very disappointing. I think the show is fixed considering that some celebs that were eliminated were much better dancers.

  • Patricia Moore - 2 weeks ago

    Absolutely satisfied! ???? Amazing to have accomplished this with no previous dancing skills. Back to what it started out to be, celebrity amateurs.

  • Linda Schnoebelen - 2 weeks ago

    The outcome was not what I expected. I am so happy that pair were rewarded for all their hard work. Daniella had a real challenge with just the size difference. She was amazing and Iman was a pleasure to root for.

  • Betty - 2 weeks ago

    When Tyra leaves I will go back to watching the show. She absolutely kills the show for me.

  • vatka - 2 weeks ago

    Cody Rigsby and pro Cheryl Burke

    I'm very like Paso Doble from Cody. He He made the big progress. Unfortunately I can't accept Cheryl's shape. You are the Pro dear...

  • Julianna Bellandi - 2 weeks ago

    Yes Jojo was wonderful with Jenna yes Amanda Kloot did a wonderful job dancing, I was afraid that the one most likely not to succeed would not last through the whole season and to my wonderful surprise and happiness he in fact did last because he worked so hard with such a heart and such patience & never did he become a pill & never being angry or becoming judgemental , acting spoiled. He was a total delight and he deserves the mirror ball trophy . The other people who are celebrities and are in the limelight, all succumbed to bad behavior. This competition is based on coming in and being able to improve each week And learning to dance like a professional. Do you know how hard that is for an athlete? Get over it People he deserves it!!! The other celebrity dancers will succeed in their lives at whatever they do this does not take away from them, it’s simply gives credit where credit is due for athletes that never get to show anything but their athletic performances.

  • Paulette Sessions - 2 weeks ago

    So very happy with these results tonight!!That is it!!! Haha and Ha

  • Paulette Sessions - 2 weeks ago

    So very happy with these results tonight????That is it!!! Haha and Ha

  • Jude - 2 weeks ago

    I am very disappointed with the results. JoJo was by far the better dancer and should have won hands down. He can barely put one foot in front of the other on the dance floor. Won’t be bothering with this show again.

  • PattyAnne - 2 weeks ago

    Yes! I’m so proud to have voted for Iman. I agree JoJo was phenomenal, and Amanda is also a good dancer. But Iman, who I believe has no dance training, was beyond phenomenal. His partner turned him into a fantastic dancer, not to mention their height difference was quite the challenge. His wonderful personality and his brilliant smile make him such a charmer. I really believe DWTS should get back to its roots, making dancers out of non-dancers. Not taking a thing from the two dancers with training, the right, newly-trained ballroom dancer won. You go, Iman!!!

  • Wendy - 2 weeks ago

    Iman deserved to win. The show is about non professional dancers coming on board and learning how to dance. Jojo had an advantage over the other stars and the scale was uneven from the beginning. But the fans have spoken and the 30 season is done and with grace.

  • Kate - 2 weeks ago

    While Iman performed well, the couple did not have the synchronicity shown by JoJo and Jenna. JoJo and Jenna showed an amazing connection and a true fluidity of physical movement and emotion that was a highlight of the finale. Very disappointed by the winner.

  • Glenda McCann - 2 weeks ago

    So happy for Iman!! He truly exemplified what DWTS is all about: taking someone with NO (or very little) dancing experience, and making them into a wonderful dancer!! He also had a huge challenge having such a height difference with his partner. They overcame that beautifully. Congratulations Iman!!

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