Do you think MC Lyte could've made it in rap today?


  • LaKeta Chism-Williams - 8 months ago

    On the poll, I'm definitely biased by my love for MC Lyte, & thus, not a great source, LoL

  • mizzbarnes - 8 months ago

    MC Lyte has strong lyrics, excellent flow and her own 'style'. She would make it in this day and age as she would be deemed 'refreshing' against the current crop of women rappers. When I hear and see Rapsody ( shout out to NC rap excellence), she does remind me of MC Lyte, Queen Latifah, Monie Love, Roxanne Shante, Salt and Pepa....just to name a few. Back then, it was the lyrics, the flow, the style. Alot of women rappers then were rocking the tomboy style for whatever guess it was to should that they can rap just as good and better then some of their male counterparts. Later on, as time progressed, they could 'let their hair down' and dress more feminine. But the raps were still on point.

  • Joe - 8 months ago

    Lyte would have made it today, assuming she was the age she was then, now.

    It's not like the expectation for women in entertainment to dress provocatively started in the last 10 years. There has always been a road - perhaps more difficult, but still present - for women who focused on the craft and didn't attempt to be something they were not. I believe Missy Elliott gained success in the world that had L'il Kim and Foxy Brown in it, among others.

    I don't want to get all Bill Clinton here, asking what "made it" means - I will just say that if we consider Lyte's initial success level as having "made it", I think a similar stature in today's rap game is not unreasonable.

  • Candice, on Spotify I’m FrootyPebbles I think lol - 8 months ago

    Hey Rod and Karen! Regarding MC Lyte, I don’t think she would make it today. Her content would be considered not sexual enough and not hood/ratchet enough. Not to mention people don’t like when women are too lyrical these days. There is a reason why Meg thee Stallion, Cardi B, and Saweeties are popular as opposed to Rhapsody, Noname, etc. Sex has always sold and it is even more true today. The only song I could see getting traction for MC Lyte today is Ruffneck and that would need to be her lead single to even stand a chance.

    Similarly, it’s pretty interesting people forget about rappers like Missy Elliott. She is very talented, unique, and made a wide range of music. Despite this, I’m not sure she would make it today either. She is a heavyset woman and doesn’t really dress provocatively. Lizzo is a bigger woman too but even she’s overtly sexual and I don’t think she’s as big as her peers. There’s a certain look you have to have in the rap world, we see it with Meg, Doja, Cardi. There is a reason all these ladies have a similar look, many had to achieve it through surgeries. Music aside lol, Coi Leray often gets made fun of for being too skinny, a tomboy, and even speculation that’s she a lesbian due to her look. Similar again, I do not think Lauryn Hill would be as popular today. Songs like Doo Wop would be considered judgmental, misogynistic, and preachy lol. I think the only raptresses who would have a career today are Lil Kim, Foxy, Trina, and maybe Khia. That’s what’s popular today.

    Since WAP was mentioned. I found the whole debacle ridiculous. Meg and Cardi weren’t the first to make a song like that. Did we all forget Khia ‘s My Neck and My Back, How Many Licks by Lil Kim, or Trina’s whole catalog? From what I remember no man made them make these songs and it was flip on how male rappers constantly spoke about sex for male pleasure alone. Same for the whole Meg’s strong thighs. Did everyone forget the Uncle Luke, 2 Live Crew, 90’s Miami Bass/Atlanta/New Orleans Bounce era? Women have been twerking and dropping it low for decades now. None of this is new. Sometimes I feel like I’m in Bizarro World lol.

    Oh yeah, I forgot, it is kind of odd how the more sexual rap ladies are considered empowering and taking control of their sexuality, as well as being celebrated. Why is being explicitly sexual made to be the only way for women to control our sexuality? Yet if you’re the opposite you are considered a prude? What about those in the middle? It’s never all of it, which once again explains why your Meg’s are stars and others who are equally as talented are overlooked and not championed. As a woman I feel there’s an over saturation of sex when it comes to women rappers especially since there is nothing countering it in the mainstream.

    Kind of off topic but it made me think of Kpop. I think part of the reason it is so popular with 90’s babies and generation Z is because there is an absence of teenage bopper music. There is a lack of variety in music in general, if it’s not sexually explicit rap, it’s murder/drill rap and most R&B sounds like rap music. It’s hard to differentiate between the genres in the last decade plus. There is no B2K, Backstreet Boys, teen Britney or Christina, no TLC, etc. But they have them in South Korea so the youth have gravitated there.

    Anyways, I hope this wasn’t too long lol. Y’all have a great podcast and compliment each other. I’m not going to lie, I’m still annoyed that someone called Karen simple. Clearly they haven’t been listening to her commentary, it’s anything but simple. I feel like they may have judged her due to her accent which is foolish. Funny enough if that person is American they’d probably be seen in the same light, let’s not forget us Americans don’t speak proper English in general and probably sound simple to The British lol.

  • Trey Swindu744 - 8 months ago

    Oh Lyte would definitely make it because she would come with the lyrics and her powerful voice would overshadow the superficial shit of the music industry. I feel like she wouldn't have to dress a certain way but I do feel she would definitely have to have the RIGHT PRODUCTION with her powerful voice . If the music is dope all that other shit won't matter as much.

    Thanks yall


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