Do you think Dave Chappelle is done making LGBTQ jokes?


  • Trey - 1 year ago

    Naw, he thinks he white now lol so he is doing that bullshit ass thing where he hides behind a fake free speech flag to excuse his comments which complete and utter bullshit.

    In the end I just agree with what Katt Williams said on that podcast about Cancel Culture.

  • mizzbarnes - 1 year ago

    Naw....he's on that double-down drug at the moment. The hope is that the folks that were in his corner are now seeing the 'comedy hill' that he wants to die on as the realest graveyard of no return.

  • EvieE - 2 years ago

    I admit in your very first poll I voted yes he’s done. But I learned my lesson by the time you posted the poll the second time and I voted no and I voted no this time around. Dave is going out super sad.

  • Joe - 2 years ago

    Dave's in "jerk" mode right now. He's in his feelings because he got called out for those jokes. I think this might be the first time that Dave has received pushback for material, and his ego is bruised. He can't get past his indignation to begin to understand where this concern is coming from. Ironically, if he could, I bet there is some really good material there about the realization. Instead, he's taking the "sad boy" route, whining about changes in the culture in front of an ever-ashier crowd of onlookers.

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