Grade 'The Waltons' Homecoming':


  • Biscum Bobkeith - 1 year ago

    Sad simply and completely sad. Failed in all aspects. Even my young daughter's were laughing at the horrible attempt to make a yuppie family appear like a Depression Era family. Straight out of LL Bean. Was that the barn coat John-Boy put on to get firewood. Sick and twisted are words I would use. No one involved in this travesty clearly ever wanted for anything, never saw parents scrimp save and practically beg to get what was needed to care for their kids. Nope this was just more modern day PC contrived bullshit. Great job dishonoring a classic.

  • Cheryl A - 1 year ago

    Horrible terrible awful remake. Everything about this was wrong - from the acting, sets, car scenes, anachronisms, language, storyline. Now of the sweet original spirit of family was there. Sorry I wasted my time watching any of it and won’t ever do it again!

  • Phyllis chambers - 1 year ago

    I really enjoyed the original and the new version I watched the new version of the Waltons Homecoming 4 Times in one night. It followed the original one and added a few new scenes to it. If there is a dvd I will be buying it. I already have the original one.

  • Lisa - 1 year ago

    So very bad. A remake needs to remain true to spirit of the original. This did not. I’m the original Olivia and Grandma are both church goers. For Olivia to giggle w Mary Ellen that she “had to” get married wasn’t appropriate then or now. There was no character development so they remain flat. The set and costumes were cleaned up and didn’t look accurate. Just so very horrible.

  • Grace2389 - 1 year ago

    I adored this remake of The Waltons! It really captured the magic of the first, but in my opinion, much better. Adding it to our Christmas traditions viewing!

  • Elizabeth Emery - 1 year ago

    I have the the whole set of the Walton's. I have to say you never hear any of the kids cussing it in any of their shows. I'm in the original if the mother heard one of her children's say things like they did in this movie . She would go off have them learn Bible verse. I watch it all but very shocked the way it was done. The movie was all done wrong . All so sad to good family show or movie . I just keep watching my DVD 's

  • Grace2389 - 1 year ago

    I adored this remake of The Waltons! It really captured the magic of the first, but in my opinion, much better. Adding it to our Christmas traditions viewing!

  • Nancy Thurman - 1 year ago

    Big disappointment.
    #1 Ben missing

    #2 cussing- the Waltons did not cuss
    #3 the actors were terrible
    Would not watch this show again, it was a waste of time.

  • Ryan - 1 year ago

    Loved it! People need to realize they are not trying to remake a carbon copy, It can stand on its own. Get over yourselves with the cussing—there is some of that in the original. Bring back Ben, but please make this a series. I need family programming.

  • Manuel Castillo - 1 year ago

    Remakes are always bad, but I was hoping this would be the exception!
    Ben should never have been left out of the new remake but it wouldn't be the first time as the Hamner family was a family of eight children and on The Waltons there was only seven children! So it wouldn't be the first time a child is left out of the family.
    CW doing Nancy Drew and Archie & company in Riverdale are totally off the mark. Wrong Pops Tate, wrong Principal Weatherbee of Riverdale High, wrong Miss Grundy! Wrong Josie and the pussycats! Totally off on Archie, Veronica, Jughead, etc! Just plain wrong and Nancy Drew in this new remake! She's too promiscuous and that is just all wrong! That's not Ned Nickerson. Beth and George are cousins; blonde at that. Those two shows are just off. And never should have been done the way they were! If they wanted to remake them they should have made them true to character; everything about them!
    So disappointed in all three shows!

  • Manuel Castillo - 1 year ago

    While this new version is much better than what's on TV today it is nowhere near as good as the original Waltons! Woman's lib does not belong in 1930s nor does cussing or back talking your parents! It was not stood in those days and it should not be stood today! Leaving out Ben who was named after John's brother who died in world war I was inexcusable! Cussing should be given the same punishment as was in the 1930s. The morals on the new version is not appropriate! Political correctness does not belong in this. Clothes, different sets, different people are expected. but the heart of the story was family and their morals and their faith! The new cast of the new movie does not have enough of any of that! I don't watch much of today's shows just a few that's decent, mostly what I watch is reruns of old shows on the good classic channels! If they add some more appropriate behavior from these new children and bring back Ben than it has a chance of being a really good show; better than what's on even on the CW! Today's attitudes and morals do not belong in the 1930s!

  • Connie - 1 year ago

    I was disappointed. The draw to the Waltons (old version) is their family connectedness, their values, and realism for that period. None of what was shown identified with this family. I lost interest and would not watch future shows featuring this family.

  • Gary - 1 year ago

    I agree with most viewers that the casting, direction, and production were terrible for the most part.Worse than a high school drama club's first efforts.The show was like 90 minutes of commercials interrupted by occasional 5 minute spans of programming.This destroyed any continuity in the show.If there were any bright spots in casting, the actors portraying the grandparents showed possibility, especially the grandma character, in the brief bit of dialogue she was allowed.The Grandpa character also showed good effort, but unfortunately missed the mark in any effort to fill Will Geer' s shoes.

  • Jacquelyn King - 1 year ago

    The Homecoming is one of my top favorite Christmas movies. I watch it every year. All of the cast (besides Grandma and the children) were different from the series, but the casting was so impeccable and true to the characters that I prefer the original actors over the ones in the series.(Especially Patricia Neal as Olivia Walton) I was SO EXCITED when I heard about this movie that I set it to record so that I didn't miss it. I KNEW it would not hold a candle to the original but I was ready for a new "holiday classic" of the family I grew up watching and loving as my own.
    The way I can best decribe thiis "reboot" is a "sneeze that never happens". I was actually confused as to WHY Richard Thomas would endorse this farce. Desperate for work maybe? The acting was SO BAD and I was so disinterested in the characters that I didn't even notice Ben was MIA until I read these reviews. SOMEBODY didn't do their homework. The show was set in the 30's. My parents era. The writers throwing in their WARPED "Politically Correct" New Millennium views, absolutely did NOT capture the views held during the depression era. Kids did NOT cuss in those days unless they wanted their faces slapped. We were not even allowed to use the word "crap" in my house growing up. (And that was the 60s/70s) There was just so much "WRONG with this picture". A 1930's young girl defying her mother? HA! Would more likely be cutting down a switch for her backside than a Christmas tree from the forest. I LOVE The Waltons but if they are thinking of making this a series, and using the audience for their Guinea pigs, then this pig says NO. I will not be watching.

  • Alex Weir - 1 year ago

    I own a dvd of the original Homecoming movie, maybe the director would like to borrow it.
    The settings, the clothing, and everything in the movie is not realistic to the depression days of the 1930’s in rural America.
    I looked forward to this movie but was completely disappointed.
    Think I’ll pull out my dvd and watch something closer to fact, not the fiction that this rendition was.
    People today should be aware of the hard times almost everyone went through at this time in our history.

  • Marianne Robinson - 1 year ago

    Watched it twice enjoyed it better the second time I'm adding it to my movie collection. It's a more contemporary version of the waltons and that's okay. It's fresh and new. The original waltons will always be in our hearts. Hope the movie continues on and goes to series.

  • Robert - 1 year ago

    I've been a fan of this show since the 70's and was not expecting much, but I actually really enjoyed this version. The comments of the people complaining seem to want an exact copy of the original. Since it's on the CW, they are probably aiming for a different audience and that audience isn't going to mind that the clothes look a little different, the house looks different, or there were a few curse words. My favorite character was Logan Shroyer who really nailed the role of John Boy. Also, thought Charlie Sneed was hilarious.

  • Stella Brooks - 1 year ago

    This was such a sweet holiday movie. The acting, scenery, and music was outstanding. There were quite a few differences from the original, but that's what made it special. It's not supposed to be a carbon copy. I wish the scene with the doll was a bit longer like in the original. I'll definitely watch again.

  • Michele Neugent - 1 year ago

    It missed the mark on so many levels... characters, clothes, living environment, story line, missing member-Ben, cursing, it was a waste if my time watching it

  • Chrissy Tx - 1 year ago

    Loved this movie so much! So happy that the original cast is supporting it and I hope there is a series. The actress playing Rose was great- hope she returns as Olivia's friend. Erin was another favorite. I'd like to see her character developed more in the series. I did not miss Ben because I was enjoying learning about all of the other characters and they were so much fun to watch.

  • George F Jolley - 1 year ago

    Very disappointed in this remake. The characters were less than realistic. The only tie to the original was the old green truck and it was only a background prop. If they do revive the series, hopefully they will put more of the original life back into the characters.

  • Sandy F. - 1 year ago

    Loved the new Homecoming movie! Logan Shroyer was fantastic as John Boy, beautiful scenery and music, great acting. This was so much better than the original.

  • Stan Robinson - 1 year ago

    The new movie is so much better than the original. Bellamy Young was a fantastic Olivia and I really thought that she and the actor playing John had so much Chemistry. All of the kids were talented, great actors.

  • MariaL - 1 year ago

    I thought this was a terrific version of the original. I have been looking forward to it for a few weeks and it did not disappoint. I loved that some scenes stayed the same and some scenes changed. Hope to see more of The Waltons.

  • Kathy Garrett - 1 year ago

    I was totally disappointed about this reboot of The Waltons and the fact that Richard Thomas who is in my age group was associated with this surprises me. Nothing about the family dynamics was like the Waltons show or the original Homecoming movie. It saddens me to think that we watched a movie that had the children cussing, Grandma and Grandpa living on their own and making John Sr out to be a smoker, drinker and cussor. The only nice part of the movie was at the church and then seeing silent night and worshiping the Lord. I will not watch this a second time. ????

  • Pam Lester - 1 year ago

    This was the worst movie I have ever seen of The Waltons. I recorded it and was waiting with great anticipation to watch it. I don't know where Ben was it was nothing like the original. Tthe kids were brunettes. They cussed. Not enough of the kids. The Baldwin sisters were too young. Ike was tool old. What were they thinking

  • Jack - 1 year ago

    My family has been waiting for this remake for the last month and it did not disappoint. Go great to see wholesome family programming making a comeback. This movie was not an exact replica of the original Homecoming and that's okay. We enjoyed watching and pointing out the differences throughout the show. I love the new scenes that they added, like the ones at the graveyard. Charlie Sneed was hilarious as well as the Baldwin Sisters. Hope to see more of this Waltons in the future.

  • Staci T - 1 year ago

    I loved this movie so much! Everything from the writing, the acting, casting, scenery was perfect. I'll definitely watch it again over the next 3 weeks. Thank you CW!

  • Delar Pearcon - 1 year ago

    This was horrible!! Kids did not cuss in front of parents! All these kids did were fight with each other. The house was way to formal and didn’t fit the time period. The grandparents did not live with them. They went out in the cold and didn’t even button their coats or wrap their scarves. The dead doll, really??? No Ben??? The dad deciding to be a farmer???? There was absolutely no comparison to the original cast to make it relatable! The whole thing was horrible. Only part I liked was Richard Thomas talking!

  • Marley - 1 year ago

    What a Trainwreck! Where are the beautiful red-haired children and missing-in-action Ben? They cut the Baldwin's beautiful Victorian home scene, instead inappropriately having them sell the recipe to Mr. Godsey.
    John never took the bus; missed the last one. Hitchhiked and walked rest of way home. Where was my favorite scene Mary Ellen giving Bible verses to the children to get presents?
    Who leaves the house to go to a church that's not yours instead of waiting at home for your husband and Daddy to return????
    Olivia received a beautiful plant from John, not some dried up bulb.
    Ben wanted a Teddy Bear, but was cut out of this reboot.
    John Boy would've never smoked, was always looked up to by the others. Mary Ellen was told getting the tree was for the men and she actually cut it down! This was in poor taste.
    Characters were dry and dull and lifeless. I started fast forwarding certain parts. Waste of time with John talking on bus and eliminating key scenes.
    Why the cursing? I could go on and on. By and large, skip this one. I have the beautifully made original which I play every year. What a disappointment and waste of time with this remake!!

  • Renee Robertson - 1 year ago

    I absolutely hated it.. Growing up watching the Waltons. And making the original Waltons Homecoming a part of every Christmas is a tradition thru out my life. If they wanted to remake something and change it that much. They should have just made a 21century version you can't remake perfection. I was very disappointed. Going into it i knew it wouldn't be the same but I tried to be excited but that was very short lived. There's just some classics that need to stay classics and the waltons are one of those. Would never watch again.. I'll stick to my original and of course the Walton reruns nothing any better..

  • Loretta Slocum - 1 year ago

    A child missing and where were all the redheads? Disappointing. The characters looked like they came straight out of central casting. John Walton Sr. did not look like an authentic, Depression Era working man. Ralph Waite looked like a man used to back-breaking work, worry, and economic hardship. Modern John way too fit and handsome, with that flashy white smile. Looked like he "juiced," rather than smoked. Modern Olivia was a bit of a breathy, flighty lightweight, while Michael Learned played it stern, loving, and in control. Am I the only one who thought the actors cast in the kids' roles were all too old? Richard Thomas's John-Boy was painfully sensitive, introspective, and appropriately aged. And while in the original their clothing was clean, it always looked frayed and worn, like hand-me-downs. Overall, the remake lacked the 1930's authenticity of the original, and the best thing about it was Richard Thomas's introduction and narration, although I missed Earl Hamner's Virginia lilt.

  • DL - 1 year ago

    I loved it he original and was surprised by some of the changes, such as no Ben and the grandparents living in a different house, but I loved the new bounding scenes and would definitely watch of this becomes a series.

  • Laura Rood - 1 year ago

    I loved the original the homecoming. I watch it all the time. This remake was horrible. After a half hour I switched channels. Terrible acting. How could you leave out Ben. Like someone else said the original made you feel like it was real, that it was happening. When will people learn remakes are never good.

  • Muffy - 1 year ago

    On the original Walton's the acting was so natural it made you feel like it was real. The remake was so fake no one acted comfortable in their role. You didn't get the feeling that you wanted to be there like on the original Walton's show.

  • Tammy Moree - 1 year ago

    It was terrible! There isn't any way that the original cast could ever be replaced, as they were individually phenomenal actors. Nor was or is there a show with a cast that compares. The cursing and attitudes of the siblings towards one another was disheartening.

  • Donna Ann Martucci - 1 year ago

    I thought it was terrible that they did not bring back Ben. I thought Ben was a main person in the original show. I loved all Ben's ideas.
    I did not like the idea that Mary Ellen became a polite for the post office. I liked it when Msry Ellen was a nurse.
    Going to the grave yard at the end. Made it feel like a final episode. No way to continue. Since John Boy was dead at the end

  • Arta - 1 year ago

    It was terrible
    Did not appreciate the cussing.
    This tells you, you cant go home again.
    You cant bring back something as classic as the original Waltons.
    Why try?

  • Connie Vaughn Kinard - 1 year ago

    Little Elizabeth voice sounded just like the original. It wasn't that hard to get used to the new faces. I was confused at the end that Mary Ellen flew the 1st postal route instead of becoming a nurse. I did miss Ben and wondered why grandma and grandpa did not live in the house like the original show. The white buck was really dramatic and gave me goosebumps. The house looked better than most of the houses in my neighborhood. I still watch the reruns every day. It amazes me how backwards the world is today than it was back then. I did love the remake, even with all things considered! Guess I am a die hard Walton!

  • Susan - 1 year ago

    My husband and I both watched the movie and we really enjoyed it. Please make it a weekly show. There’s nothing really family oriented like The Waltons!

  • Rebecka miller - 1 year ago

    I was so disappointed. The cussing and nothing was right. I was so excited about the show being brought back, now I just wished I never watched any of it. I had t to turn it, only good thing was Richard Thomas being on

  • Janet Stevenson - 1 year ago

    I think this movie was terrible. Should not have been any cursing. Original was so much better. Acting was bad, too. Sounded like they were just reading the words with no emotion. Enjoyed seeing the original John Boy again. Give us one that’s more like the 1971 version. Sorry I recorded it!!

  • William Wheeler - 1 year ago

    Terrible re boot, Richard Thomas’ voice sounded weak as a narrator, too polished and hallmark like. It was brave for them to try but I turned the channel after ten minutes.

  • Dale - 1 year ago

    Bad Language-5, Missing Child -3, Lack of any Historical Accuracy -1. Bad Computer Graphics -1.
    I appreciate the want to put out an uplifting story in these trying time’s. It makes me wonder, did the producers ever watch the original movie or the series?
    Maybe next time.

  • George Hilton - 1 year ago

    I really expected that many people would not like it.
    I didn't love it but it wasn't terrible.
    Not having Ben was a bad start. All the cussing was ridiculous!
    They didn't say what happened to the guy that brought them the turkey. Did thr sheriff let him go or what? They could have used the narrator at the end to tie up loose ends like Earl Hamner used to do.
    All in all not terrible.

  • Kelly kelly - 1 year ago

    I was so majorly disappointed so much it was nothing like the original. To be so callous and cruel and cut out a major family character as Ben showed at the beginning the makers of the remake don't care about how much the original was a huge part of the framework of our childhood. so this becomes a series, and we get Ben. Where are we going say he was in the bathroom locked in the barn. So so utterly disappointed

  • Brooke - 1 year ago

    Why would they leave Ben out? The Walton's was my favorite show growing up. This Homecoming was just okay. I guess when you grow up watching with the original cast, it's hard to see past that. And, who was the older Elizabeth in the graveyard at the end?

  • T Cordle - 1 year ago

    I could appreciate the show and the effort put forth but was disappointed in the language CW inducted into the show. Also, the children acted more like children of today instead of the Waltons. Should have kept it more original. I would watch a series of this show but try keeping future episodes, if any are made, more like the original and leave out the language.

  • Lorie Klippel - 1 year ago

    This reboot was horrible. Even having Richard Thomas narrate didn’t help. I understand it wouldn’t be the same but really??? You don’t lose a child (Ben) just because. It would have been better if had started at the last reunion. Not repeat more of the same.

  • Katrina Jackson - 1 year ago

    We could not stop laughing at the new show as it was terrible! It has no similarity to the original. We kept waiting for it to get better, but it never did.
    Richard Thomas was the best part of the show. Eliminating Ben was a mistake. The kids cussing was so very wrong, as they never did that during the original nine seasons. The original kids were polite to family and everyone.
    The Grandparents lived in the same house with all the family in the original.
    Why not just begin a new show and leave the original Waltons to shine on their own in repeats.

  • Sandra - 1 year ago

    Very disappointing. People who lived in a house like that in the thirties had to have some money somewhere, so why was the father of working somewhere else. That actors and actresses did not seem at all comfortable with their roles, and the idea of having Erin bob around like an airhead all the time thinking have nothing but being a movie star was a little off. Also the swearing and disrespect was a little hard to take. I realize a remake is not going to be the same as the original, but they could have flushed the characters out a little more and tried to work with what already had been established in the original.

  • B - 1 year ago

    I watched the original in 1970s this remaked was so far off the mark. Olivia was portrayed by Bellamy ..whose only roles included 1, vile murderer of man women and an innocent child.2 dramatic roles..
    Huge mistake..she looked hard and out of place.
    House, casting,set, and language ALL WRONG.WORST EVER

  • Ms. KRRogers - 1 year ago

    I thought the reboot was absolutely horrible! It didn’t even
    come close to the original! Like many people, I loved the original Waltons.
    When I noticed that the character Ben was omitted; I was very disappointed! There was no mention of Ben in the whole movie; and he was an important character.
    Mary Ellen’s bad language; and Jonn-boy’s disrespectful attitude about his father’s coat and his brother,Jason; was very disheartening. I just felt that who ever did the casting for this reboot; evidently never watched the original Waltons

    It would have been better if the new actors could have spent some time with the original actors, who they were going to be playing. Maybe this did happen; but you couldn’t tell it!

    The entire movie was just a very big disappointment!!!!

  • Amy Ashe - 1 year ago

    I adored the original, but was greatly disappointed in this remake. No one looked poor enough, no one expressed any depth of emotion, there was no real tension concerning John Senior’s safe return. Above all, the attempt at modern style “Coombaya” moment at black church was so anachronistic. Depression era Appalachia was hardly the time/place for such loving and respectful relations between the races - and even the black police officer seemed like he wandered in from a 21st c. production.
    The snowstorm seemed to dissipate at certain moments, and those characters didn’t even wrap the scarves around their necks! Only hearing Richard Thomas’ voice made this bearable

  • Kerry - 1 year ago

    Awful! Very disappointed. Grew up watching the innocent and sweet original movie and series. Terrible casting and there was no need to upgrade the house, clothes as it was the depression. The kids yelling and swearing was terrible. Far from the endearing original. Try again CW and writers! The best part was Richard Thomas narrating. Bummed!

  • Pamela pickett - 1 year ago

    No just no

  • T Ward - 1 year ago

    This remake was horribly unbearable! As others have said throughout the previous reviews, the acting was subpar. The casting was awful. The writing was nowhere near the caliber of Earl Hamner Jr’s! The entire show was an epic fail! I feel bad leaving such a negative review but I really felt it was that bad. The original was so beautifully done that it brought out the viewer’s emotion. This one didn’t do that. Lastly, why would you leave a member of the family completely out of the storyline?! One article I read said the writer’s felt there were too many characters and thought having one more kid saying, “Yes mama.” wasn’t needed, so they decided to cut Ben out?! The Walton’s were too much of a beloved classic to just cut out a family member. About the only thing that was good about the show was hearing John Boy’s voice narrating. Goodnight everybody.

  • Dr.Arnie Katz - 1 year ago

    It was a poor excuse for a remake. House was pristine with pictures in the stairway. An ice box in the kitchen. This was suppose to be the poor family in 1933. The two actors I liked the best were Jason and Olivia. My wife gasp when Mary Ellen said "ass". Was more like a current day Hallmark movie. Sorry nothing compares to the original series. I am 82 and still watch the reruns of what was the best family series ever on TV.

  • tina - 1 year ago

    wow, does not even come close to the original series. did the producers think we are stupid in that scene where "john boy and john sr" are riding home in the truck. the background scene of the forest was so fake, that i think even a child can tell the difference. i won't even comment on the computerized white deer that showed up in front of the truck. if they want to continue the series, which i hope that they do not in its present stage, the have to make it more realistic and make the characters more likeable.

  • William Howard - 1 year ago

    I looked forward to this remake and followed its development over the last several months. I was very disappointed. I really wanted to like it. I didn't expect it to be better than the original, but I hoped it would be good. It wasn't. So many unnecessary changes to the story. It was like community theater. No depth, some borderline bad acting, many unrealistic situations and conversations. A lost and squandered opportunity.

  • Wilson Harrison - 1 year ago

    Having grown up in Scottsville Virginia which is about five minutes from Skyler which is where the Waltons takes place real name him nurse John Hamner is a great writer so many discrepancies in that movie. First problem the house the house is nowhere near that nice it was a little shack basically two floors barely enough room for five people much less that whole family. Second the trip from Charlottesville to Schuyler is 25 miles not 90 it’s walkable in a day. Even back then. Third Elizabeth at the very end they said still lives there no she lives in Richmond, Va.

  • Joy Driscoll - 1 year ago

    I still watch the reruns, so the only good thing was seeing Richard Thomas again!
    The children were rude, the entire show was too "Hallmark" with everyone clean and well dressed.
    Did the Writers ever watch the Original Show?
    This was a definite case of No Do Overs!!!

  • Marty Anderton - 1 year ago

    Very BAD remake! Lacking the warmth of the original. Dialog sounded like they were reading from a card. Few of the actors fit their roles. Grandma and Grandpa were the only ones that fit. Everything was too polished and fresh for depression era Virginia . . . Home and characters. Ben was an important character and they omitted him altogether. None of the characters had any charm. my opinion it extremely bad. The only thing they did right was using the original theme song.

  • Michael J Marland - 1 year ago

    Grew up with this show as a child, still watch the old reruns. This movie just felt like a generic Hallmark style movie, no real character development. They would have been much better suited doing a Prequel, set in the 1917, with the story line focused on Zeb and Esther raising John and Ben. Even throw in the Judge Baldwin character. This movie was also trying to address today's tensions. Seriously consider a rework of the rework with a Prequel. Lots more teeth and characters to work with. Mike

  • Steve Caraballo - 1 year ago

    It sucked!!! Also there must of been an hour of commercials! Was this movie just 60 minutes and 60 minutes of commercials it really took away from the continuity. Even if it was played straight through without commercials it really did not capture the mood or the era, which the original so beautifully captured.

  • Jamie - 1 year ago

    Bad remake. Nothing at all like the original. Not impressed with the acting.
    Why do they think everything has to be remade these days? Because everything else out there is crap and you don't have people who know how to write, cast or direct just a good wholesome story.

  • Debbie - 1 year ago

    Oh my god are you kidding me I can not think of a single thing they got to right. Did not recognize any of the actors it was like they pulled them out of a bag of wannabes just terrible acting. Did anyone even watch the original series? What’s up with grandma and grandpa were did they live? in the original they all lived together the home from the out side was Victorian looking suggesting wealth the waltons were not wealthy people And the beloved Baldwin sister were just so far of the mark the whole movie was awful

  • Molly Hale - 1 year ago

    I appreciate CW for doing a new Walton's, but it was so disappointing. The house, the clothes, the children's attitudes! It seemed like an amateurish high school production of modern day.
    If you are going to do it, do it the way people were in that time!
    I will stick with the old version unless there is a lot of changes made.

  • Nette - 1 year ago

    Nothing will ever beat the original Walton’s. The Walton’s was a classic Family show. Seriously not having a “Ben” when he was an actual member of the family and the show get real.

  • Kay - 1 year ago

    My dad grew up in Mississippi in the 1930’s. He said they were poor and wore faded overalls and no shoes. The clothes were wrong in the movie. The house in the show was more of a house from a very rich family according to my dad.They did not capture a poor family in the 1930’s like the original show did. Felt like a hallmark movies. The kids were way to old if they want to do a series. It felt like kids of today vs kids in the 1930’s. I liked the story and how they adapted it. But casting and the look and feel was wrong. If you modernize it, you lose the feel of the times. Maybe use the film type from the 1970’s to get away from the clean hallmark look or whatever it takes. It just wasn’t convincing. Also times are hard financially. People are moving in with parents. Three generations in one house. Bring back Ben and grandparents in the house. My nieces and nephews are watching the old shows (because of COVID) and loving it. They wish more shows were like them. So don’t modernize it. People in the Korean war had a hard time watching MASH because it felt real, people loved happy days because it reminded them of those times. They were able to take you back in time and it felt real. This movie didn’t do that. It didn’t take you back to a different time in life. Look at the original show. The kids acted out the scene with passion vs just reading a line. The acting in the movie just wasn’t convincing. I really want the series to happen but needs new casting, younger kids with more passion and more authentic scenery and clothes. People are not looking for another hallmark movie. I really felt like I was watching a movie based on the year 2021 but just wearing older clothes.

  • B critic - 1 year ago

    Terrible casting!!! Not one looks like the characters on tv. Yes I get it it’s a remake. The ages of the characters don’t seem right. It’s supposed to the depression. All the clothes look brand new store bought. None look hand me downs or worn. Grandpa with his manicures beard. Casting person terrible job and should be last job. Overlooking important but small details is important. Cut a whole character out (Ben) and adding new ones. I also don’t believe the acting. The mom looks to young to have 7 kids. Sheriff says I’ll keep a look out for John ma’am. If the sheriff knows John then chances are he knows who liv is. He wouldn’t say ma’am he would call her by her name not like someone he doesn’t know. Honestly even as a so so Waltons watcher as a kid . It’s hard to get past some of the changes . Seriously characters casting sucks. Within first few minutes kinda destroy squeaky clean John boy image everyone grew up on . John boy wouldn’t take his dad’s jacket and definitely wouldn’t Eve try to smoke especially in front of his younger brother. He was always about setting example for his younger siblings. Mary Ellen wouldn’t say ass. People back then actually listened to their older siblings. By the way Godseys store didn’t look like that and had a gas pump. Redo the remake get right age characters and more looking like the show. Jim Bob is older then Erin but she looks older in the remake. It’s important to get stuff right or don’t do it !

  • Julie Vaughan - 1 year ago

    I was an avid fan in the 70's. My heart still flutters to see Richard Thomas.
    There were some good scenes in this movie remake, but definitely a few anachronisms with clothes, speech, and behavior.
    The traveling librarian scene was very good.
    One home scene actually repeated during the tree decorating part..not sure why.
    Yes, the green screen effect was messed up in the car driving scene.
    The new JohnBoy actor did capture some body language of Richard Thomas, like with running.
    I get that the producer wants to update it, but the child actors are going to need to review behavior in the 30's. Their attitudes are too reminiscent of kids' attitudes today. They need lessons in how to more adequately portray the time era. Less cussing by them would be good.
    I do think the house exterior is too fancy. How hard is it to rebuild a more similar house?
    The grandparents did the best job with their lines. Great job.
    I think they need the Dad to look more rugged.
    The church scene was good.
    Great job about racial tensions.
    The graveyard scene at the end is not needed at all. It detracted from the movie.
    Overall, it has potential, but needs work to capture the 30's better.

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