Is a 22% increase in the minimum wage prudent, stingy or economically risky?

  • Werner - 6 weeks ago

    I believe this is a well deserved catch up for those on minimum salary and 2021 closing up with about a
    7% inflation rate its a very prudent decision by the government.

  • Pancho Villa - 6 weeks ago

    Wages should be dictated by market forces and not governments

  • JB - 6 weeks ago

    Raising the minimum wage is a fantastic way of reducing crimes of desperation that are caused by unemployment due to discrimination, lack of education, personal handicaps, personal tragic circumstances; rising prices, educational and job experience requirement one has no means of obtaining for any number of reasons and etc. It will help eliminate corruption in the workplace, reduce the jail and prison populations (and the cost associated) and make the federales and local police forces less burdened (again reducing costs to the tax system; And finally, fewer children will be duped into assisting amoral mentors into drug cartels.
    Jose, Austin, Texas.

  • Brad Boner - 6 weeks ago

    Look, lads, a country - any country - is going to spend what it can spend, nothing more and nothing less. Locales is where it all filters down to. You have it and can afford more, well, that's one thing. Mexico is no longer a Third World country, so it seems to me that wages should be improved. Before that, of course, would come the needed better-paying jobs and - read this twice - a genuine respect for the worker, the employee.

    Is 22% prudent, stingy or economically risky?

    All three would seem to apply. What's prudent in one region of the country may not necessarily be elsewhere. Same for stingy or risky.

    But we all know that a national economy is a mixture of all three of those poll possibilities. That reality for all countries has come with progress and population growth. What gets in the way here is the widely-held belief that Mexicans work cheaply. That is one hard mindset to overcome.

    Boner out...

  • Al - 6 weeks ago

    10 years ago the minimum wage was about 60 pesos. At the time there were about 11 pesos to the dollar. Now it's 120 pesos and the dollar is at 22 pesos. It hasn't gone up at all! An increase is long overdue. It should be $10 USD.

  • Juan Miguel - 1 month ago

    Bueno esta correct

  • Carlisle Johnson - 1 month ago

    minimum wage covers fewer than 4mm Mexicans

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