Hentai... you into it?


  • shay - 2 years ago

    never got into it. I've always stayed in my little black love bubble. Black couples, Black amateurs etc. I don't tend to stray too far from things in that little box. This how I know the 5g FBI agent assigned to me be bored because I am very much a creature of habit

  • Sofa King - 2 years ago

    @BrooklynShoeBabe: Same note, too, sis! My biggest problem with IRL porn that's targeted for the male gaze has always been how the point of it seems to be degrading the women, as if straight men can't get aroused UNLESS a woman is being degraded. Granted, that's not a problem that hentai *solves* in any particular way, but it's easier for me to feel detached from it, when it's not happening to an actual human person.

    As for myself, my tastes in sex acts are pretty vanilla, overall, but the body type that I'm most attracted to is so uncommon, that it almost doesn't exist, outside of cartoons... That's what drew *me* to hentai.

  • BrooklynShoeBabe - 2 years ago

    Not to date myself, but I've been into Hentai since 1992. I used to download Hentai manga from Usernet newsgroups. These folks today don't know the struggle of trying to get porn in the 90s. LOL. Seriously, I prefer Hentai because it makes me feel less guilty. I'm not anti-porn or sex-work. IRL porn nowadays seems to take great pleasure in humiliating the women actress from name calling, slut shaming, lot of "destroy the poon-poon" sex acts, and low-key violence disguised as BDSM. Incest porn is just too weird to wrap my mind around. Although I tell pornhub what I want from my algorithm, step-porn always shows up. lmao. Now that I've revealed so much, still try to think of me fondly. lmao.

    Also, is it weird that this porn list is my favorite end of the year wrap. LOL.

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