Do you have a work bestie?


  • mizzbarnes - 7 months ago

    It's almost mandatory to have a work bestie/work spouse. Your real-life better half and(or) best friends would not get the jokes, the complaints, everything else that comes the job better than a work bestie/ work spouse.

  • Zindzi - 7 months ago

    I can honestly say my work bestie is one of the main reasons I haven't quit my job yet. We keep each other motivated and it helps having someone to talk to who doesn't make me think I'm crazy for reacting the way I do to some work situations, especially with colleagues. Now, we don't hang out outside of the office because it's strictly a work relationship, but I appreciate them dearly.

  • teaching KC - 7 months ago

    My work best friend is my school leader and coach. So at times it’s good and sometimes not so great! For example I got covid Xmas break. And I found out she pressured me to get a rapid test, even though my PCR test said I’m still positive, so i could return sooner to work. But overall she’s a good bestie.

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