What is your personal experience with COVID-19? (Poll Closed)
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  • Cosmos - 3 weeks ago

    My family and I caught the plague in February 2021, just before vaccines became available. We were super careful with masking and social distancing, but there was an outbreak at my kid's school. It knocked the adults out for a week with fatigue and fever while the kids bounced back after a couple of days. Then we all had to quarantine for another 10 days. It was brutal, but we survived! We're very grateful that nobody in our family became sick enough to require hospitalization.

    I find it interesting that 21% of your poll respondents (so far) report testing positive, which is 3 points above the USA national average of 18% (per Google/NY Times). This is a wildly un-scientific comparison, and we know that "official" numbers are an under-count for many reasons including the absence of home rapid-test results.

  • Boy George - 3 weeks ago

    I'm grateful to have not tested positive. So many friends and colleagues in the industry have. Some have been hospitalized. I know of more than one who have died. I've even had colleagues who were involved in central IT roles to the pandemic response who denied the pandemic, refused the vaccine, and were hospitalized. This is in addition to the growing number of friends not working in a healthcare space who had a bad case.

    I've seen organizations in this space be incredibly helpful to their employees to help them stay uninfected. I've seen others that have been less helpful. Some I feel have been reckless. I've seen many communities actively working against their healthcare systems.

    It will be interesting to see the ultimate results of the poll. Hopefully nobody was hospitalized. We all know someone, though, don't we? Especially during this resurgence, I hope people will reflect not on what their own experience was, but rather the experiences of others they know. My firm belief is that it was our failure to do the latter that has made this drag on so long.

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