Should greater effort be put into preserving indigenous languages?

  • Bruce Gelman - 5 days ago

    I cant believe the vitriol spewed in these comments.Let everyone speak whatever language be their mother tongue.And let us listen without anger and ego.

  • JAMES E. HENSLEY - 2 weeks ago

    Brad Boner: Corrections - I'm not a "Trumper", never have been; I know about languages and dealing with immigrants based on 40-plus years working experience. ; I'm not an expat, never have been.

    Given that you replied to my commentary gives me reason to believe that you are salvable and have a proper place within the realm of humanity.

  • Brad Boner - 2 weeks ago

    James E. Hensley: What a giant crock of shit! Slap yourself in the back, not head, old boy. You write: "The immigrants that refuse to assimilate are those who cause difficulties within the U.S citizenry. They are fortunate that we are tolerant...they take advantages and benefit(s) due to such tolerance."

    First of all, language is about communication. You say or hear something and you want to make sense of it. English is but One language among hundreds on this God-abandoned planet. English is NOT better than anyone else's language, you Trumper!

    America's immigrants all have assimilated (and learned English), although we do wonder about the largely-uneducated Southerner and his version of the Queen's tongue. Them country boys be dumb, perhaps too dumb to understand pronunciation.

    You are "tolerant"? What an effing pompous way to look at it. Rein it in, bozo.

    Immigrants take advantage of "benefits"?

    Most people on food stamps are Whites. USDA's website tells you that...every year.

    So, get outta here! You're the kind of Expat we do not need. Don't bring your racist/bigoted crap here, buster!

    Boner out...

  • JAMES E. HENSLEY - 2 weeks ago

    John Yapuncich: As for - "...many states making "english" the official language..." It is well that you should note that the Constitution of the USA was written in the English Language. Thus, the Law of Precedent establishes English as the language of the Nation. Persons arriving in the U.S.A. should learn English. I'm a polyglot, born in California, a U.S. Citizen [there's no such as an 'American citizen, read your passport]. English, Russian, Spanish, Turk, German, and Vietnamese are the languages I learned. English is my native language. With purposeful reason(s) I studied to learn the other languages. The immigrants that refuse to assimilate are those who cause difficulties within the U.S citizenry. They are fortunate that we are tolerant...they take advantages and benefit(s) due to such tolerance. But, regardless who they are - native indigenous, immigrant (legal & illegal), et al - they find they have no place here in the USA due to lacking English language skills. Therefore, they want all to be like it was where they came from, but know there'll be no repercussions for their stiff-necked recalcitrant attitudes while becoming troublemakers. Go spend 4 or 5 years in some of the Nations of Africa - I did - and you'll learn well.

  • John Yapuncich - 2 weeks ago

    Without Native language preservation, much wisdom is lost to all peoples. There are things that cannot be translated properly from one language to the next. By being bi-lingual, a person can effectively convey the meaning of one person to another, one country to another, that would be impossible without language preservation. Indigenous, Native, Indian peoples, i was raised to call myself an Indian, need to be able to communicate in the language of their elders and to make the sharing of their wisdom, teachings, and experience available to those who thirst for true knowledge. usa has many states making "english" the official language so contracts, legal notices etc are all illegal and meaningless if in Spanish, Chinese, or Tsi-ga-mo-gan. This preservation causes no harm to anyone and stands to benefit many. No one gains by denial of people to speak in their own language.

  • JAMES E. HENSLEY - 3 weeks ago

    Culture rhymes with manure in which too many persons are deeply mired. Many languages are best allowed to fade away and die. Latin did your birth certificate in Latin? The so-called 'indigenous languages' serve no international, interpersonal, or interstate civil or political uses. Culture itself is a universal civic myth. Truth being is that a culture is seen on a slide, under a microscope; that is where a culture exists - only there on that piece of glass (or whatever the composition of the slide). Of course the composition of the slide depends on the culture to be deposited there upon.

  • Brad Boner - 3 weeks ago

    First of all, plebes, all history is gossip. And, next to that, well, all culture is media-driven. Do indigenous people call themselves "indigenous"? No! Their culture means squat to my culture and vice-versa. People just want to be left alone, to live as they have always lived.

    This poll question is laughable, yet it is in tune with what historians like to say is what we should be doing - saving as much of our past as possible.

    But truth be told, we rarely ever save our worst behavior. Cleopatra was a slut, yet she is a Hollywood-made model of the Roman Empire. George Custer was Gay, yet we never read that, as was Larence of Arabia, who was folded over a table and plunked by many and Arab. More than a dozen sailing on the Titanic were found naked after it went down. What, you ask, were they up to? Yeah.

    Culture is a handy, over-used word for what I think of you. Nothing more than that. Let's be real.

    Boner out...

  • Eric - 3 weeks ago

    A nation and it's leaders should take pride in and promote the saving and teaching of indigenous cultures including their languages. A large part of what makes a nation's culture unique and special is the acceptance of diverse societies and thoughts. Through acceptance growth can be sustained and a more positive and mature attitude develops.

  • IRIS - 3 weeks ago

    Culture is important to a nation. When it is discarded, new ways (language and the effect on progress) may not provide the right direction for peoples of the country.

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