Should the 2024 GOP nominee boycott the presidential debates?

  • Shari - 1 week ago

    It’s obvious to anyone that those picked to moderate the debates are serious leftist. Tucker Carlson should get to be the moderator. He calls out both sides on their lunacy.

  • Steve - 1 week ago

    I love a good debate but that’s not what we saw in 2020 I hope this gets fixed

  • Mildred Lustig - 2 weeks ago

    The GOP Nominee should use it as a platform to expose what a CIRCUS the Dems have turned the debate process into and then ... walk out!

  • L Hayes - 2 weeks ago

    The moderators were obviously bias to democrats. Why give the democrats and media another opportunity to take cheap shots at Trump.
    Debates are good but it has to be a different format

  • CJ - 2 weeks ago

    To those that said no …..Nobody said to NOT have debates but we need to have unbiased moderators. Come on people…. Debates are good but NOT with the pro dem moderators!!! That needs to stop!!

  • Brenda Brazell - 2 weeks ago

    In 2020 those debates were so pro-Democrat slanted it was ridiculous! They need unbiased moderators for this to even mean anything!

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