Do you agree that Mexico is held in high regard for its fight against corruption?

  • Mr Magoo - 3 months ago

    I read recently that the average pay for a police officer in Mexico is $700 dollars per month.Not a lot of room for luxuries based on that salary is there?

    While we comfortably fixed Canadian and American slobs cruise the aisles of the big super stores, spending easily that much on tequila alone in one week!

    It amazes me the corruption isn’t worse….oh dear.

  • Gabrielle Brie - 3 months ago

    No, Mexico is not doing enough to fight corruption or crime in general. Every robber knows that they will serve little or no jail time for breaking into a home even if they kill someone in the process. There is also no help for teenagers who commit crimes. No community service, no drug re-hab help, nada.
    This is why crime continues to repeat itself.

  • Cody Flecker - 4 months ago

    More Americans and Canadians would drive in Mexico especially to go to the various resort sites if only it was safer to do so. The Police stop cars on the highway as they look for bribes. This practice has been going on forever with no stopping in sight. This must be the reason why so many Mexicans in an attempt to go East and West drive in the USA. The police do not stop cars looking for bribes. Tourism would increase dramatically if the Police were told to stand down.

  • Anon - 4 months ago

    I've lived in Mexico and was surprised by the level and breadth of corruption. It made me reevaluate my own country, Canada, and I realized that while our pervasive and insideous corruption exists, much as in Mexico, for us, it is hidden and unacknowledged by the population. While corruption is evil no matter its form, at least in Mexico you know it's there and can work around it. Not so in Canada.

  • Anonymous - 4 months ago


    This opinion is based on living full time and doing business in México for twenty (20) plus years.

    Until the” give a damn” attitude of the majority of the Mexican population, the total lack of dependability, the irresponsible attitude regarding birth control and underage pregnancies , the acceptance of a “class system “ against the poor or darker complexioned , as well as more than there is time to mention , this country will always be regarded as a third (3rd) world country .

    The most amazing phenomenon in México is that this country has turned its back on its population for decades and the general population is completely fine with it.

  • Jan Centrella - 4 months ago

    It is very scary to think about driving through Mexico with the rampant and growing corruption. Friends have been stopped multiple times for nothing and are expected to pay bribes. Immigration officers do whatever they like. There are no standards or expectations of good and ethically correct work. Its getting worse and will certainly impact businesses in Mexico.

  • Anonymous - 4 months ago

    I am a long-time, full-time resident. This must be a joke. Corruption is everywhere and has not improved. It will never change.

  • Kathleen Boyce - 4 months ago

    The question on its face is ridiculous. Mexican government is riddled with corruption and criminality. Between the cartels and the inbred corruption among politicians, real progress is decades away.

  • John - 4 months ago

    Even at the local level in planation. Zoning means a suggestion, issuing a building permit is a matter of how much, then when the builder overbuilds it's how much. Absolutely no control. Zoning if any, not enforced, zoning changed to suit $, character of nieghborhoods ignored for $. Corrupt?

  • Peter Melvoin - 4 months ago

    I could not have made this comment better!
    AMLO is the best Mexican president we have had in years.
    I wish him well.

  • Brad Boner - 4 months ago

    Martin T:...I will disabuse your insolent soul of a few things, lad. And I will let the personal dig whiz by, as well. You don't me and I don't you. When you write "it pains me to see vanity projects like the Maya Train debacle and entire states taken over by cartels with impunity.". You should know that man's efforts to create something special (the Panama Canal, Hoover Dam, the Brooklyn Bridge, to name a few) had their couch critics, blokes like you who love tp hold on to the past. The Mayan Empire has come and gone, and when this dying planet ceases to be (explosion), who will care about the Mayans, or about Lil 'Ol sentimental anything else we like to place on the silly Historical Shelf.

    You exhibit the personality of a plump, desperate washerwoman, one always looking at the droopy clothesline and thinking that there has to be a better way. There is, absolutely. But this Mayan Train project did not seek your vote, pal, so STFU!

    You seem to be criticizing a country that allowed you entry...and now you turn on it, like some "better than thou" road-tired sphincter. Buddy, no one really cares what you think. You have arrived as if a "somebody," but you're a Nobody. Stop whining or, better yet, go home.


    Boner out...

  • Martin T - 4 months ago

    BRAD BONER: You're right, those other countries are just as bad if not worse than Mexico, but I live in Mexico, and it pains me to see vanity projects like the Maya Train debacle and entire states taken over by cartels with impunity. So I'm not sure what your point is, other than to boast about your bygone manly deeds, which I suspect, like your name, to be ghosts of Christmas past.

  • Brian Haig - 4 months ago

    Trying to eliminate the corruption is virtually impossible, it is so entrenched in Mexican society that the only way is through education.
    A good starting point is in the schools where the kids can be shown what moral integrity and honesty is all about and all the benifits of it to society.
    It's slow but takes a new generation to show the effects.

  • Anonymous - 4 months ago

    Mexico is rampant with corruption at all levels of government, police forces, military, and private businesses. Worse, there are no repercussions for illegal activity. Impunity runs rampant and it’s a disgrace that amlo does not see the obvious. Either he is blind or an idiot. His eyesight is ok, so therefore…..

  • Brad Boner - 4 months ago

    Usual bowel movements from earlier commenters, but that's a story for another day. Corruption, kids, is largely inherent in all governments. You are being served by mortals! Get that through your air-conditioned noggins already. What country does not have corrupt politicians? Yeah. Mexico is no different; it is playing the geo-political game. Yes, the drug cartels get most of the international press, but they provide a service to the United States' insatiable appetite for drugs.

    Putin is rotten. The Chinese are world-class connivers. The Saudis are criminals, as are the Filipinos. I could go on. Has AMLO done a good job Well, no. Top to bottom, no. It is, however, on the side of the good on the world stage. Mexico has more going for it than many, many, many countries. Brazil? Argentina? Colombia? Venezuela? The Africas? Egypt? Foul Turkey?

    The poll question is legit. I only wonder about the grass-whorled brains that come here. If you ask me, too-man Trumpians now walk among our Expats, and they arrive here to spew their racist garbage. I pity the ones I run into! In my younger days, I was lightweight boxing champ in the Bronx.

    Boner out...

  • Robert Rambaldi - 4 months ago

    Utterly absurd nonsense; everyone knows that corruption is rampant from the top down to the bottom and certainly a silly thing to say the world respects Mexico in their imaginary progress against it; more political BS

  • Geoffrey Rogg - 4 months ago

    Endemic corruption is extremely hard to eliminate. In Mexico little can be accomplished without it.

  • JAMES E. HENSLEY - 4 months ago

    RICHARD GALIN: Anti-corruption is always a difficult cause, especially for any politician. The belief that so many politicians are involved make anti-corruption campaigns all the more difficult. Corruption becomes entrenched only due to its acceptance by the citizenry of any given Nation. That which might be regarded corrupt in one nation may not be considered the same in another. Typically, when a situation is ignored at any governmental level it just as typically might be cited as an example of corruption. With regard to commenting about AMLO, it is not likely that "the Average Mexican" would tell you anything unfavorable. After all, the person just met you during the two weeks you were there. You don't earn interpersonal trust in that short period. Therefore, you hear what you want to hear - favorable notes - and you leave. The Mexican citizen doesn't leave.

  • Anonymous - 4 months ago

    Unfortunately México is viewed as an International joke due to rampant corruption at every level & every opportunity!
    It sounds good & optimistic that AMLO fights corruption, but his people & his own family continue to benefit!

  • James Quirk - 4 months ago

    It is waging war on petty corruption, but the large scale corruption is only be waged selectively.

  • RICHARD GALIN - 4 months ago

    During a visit to Mexico 2 weeks ago I found that the Average Mexican felt that AMLO has done a good job in turning the tide against corruption. It is a difficult job because corruption has been entrenched for so long and has been so widespread but the average person is hopeful.

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