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Ohio Girls Performer Of The Week (1-17/1-23) (Poll Closed)

Total Votes: 61,510

  • Your mom - 2 years ago

    Ashley wtf is ur comment ???? a milkshake? Bruh why you hating on John let him live his life damn like your name is literally Ashley ????

  • Ashely - 2 years ago

    Wait John can you remind me of your 400 split or are you too busy eating potato chips and slurping down that chocolate milkshake if yours????? Well anyway I definitely wouldn’t recommend uhh the act of being a pervert but whatever to each their own I guess???? I mean if you do wanna vote uhh vote for our girly Alyssa cause queen duh ????

  • John Breen - 2 years ago

    I’m gonna need to hear the 400s splits of every runner before I vote

  • Mandy - 2 years ago

    ok guys CHILL out ???? NO BAD VIBES HERE ✨✨✨ just because y’all are sore losers doesn’t mean you should be getting down in other people ???? WE ARE NOT BOTS!! we simply care about our friend. and we are spamming it ???????? too bad tomorrow is friday ladies!! we are no joke ✌️please stay positive though ❤️ tell your runner good job ????

  • Anna - 2 years ago

    Guys our army is just built different calm down no bots ???? just pure talent and strength???? from pushing???? vote so many times for our girl ❤️

  • Kate - 2 years ago

    To Lisa,
    if you’re jealous that your kid isn’t winning just say that ????

  • Lisa Miller - 2 years ago

    A Bot is definitely giving them their votes????

  • Precious - 2 years ago

    I think a BOT is voting for some of these BOT candiate I just saw one vote increase by 900 in less than 30 seconds. A Bot verication is needed. NOT FAIR!!!



  • Lisa Miller - 2 years ago

    That should say, Breanda, not breakdance.

  • Lisa Miller - 2 years ago

    Breakdance, I agree with you. Something tricky going on here.

  • Kaydence Brown - 2 years ago


  • Patricia Wells - 2 years ago

    Go Sanai!

  • Breanda - 2 years ago

    The accomplishment should be the winner not how many times you have numerous people vote continually

  • Frances Bradley - 2 years ago

    GREAT ACCOMPLISHMENT SANAI????⚘???? we are ALL very very very PROUD OF YOU❤ France$ Bradley????????????gf

  • Tracy Cahill - 2 years ago

    Yay Camden let’s go

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