Whom should one believe: US Energy Secretary Granholm or Mexican Energy Minister Nahle?

  • Brad Boner - 3 months ago

    So, James E. Hensley is now telling us that he was a federal government spook (Well, Secret Service). The 85-year-old lobster insists he knows US Energy Secy. Granholm. Okay. He did type that, although we here need a bit more proof.

    A cursory review of the Internet does not show any James E. Hensley bearing the claimed credentials of this bloke. There is a house painter in Florida by that name. And there is a rural Arkansas lawyer with name. And there is a dude in the Texas beer business with that name. No celebrated Secret service agent, not even a photo of a retirement celebration.

    But no close, personal pal of Ms. Granholm and not a peep about a government security valet.

    Now he tells us he " brainy," like few exist.

    So, Jimmy, let us in on your U.S. Secret Service exploits! I can hardly wait. The next thing you'll write is that you were only inches from Reagan when he was shot...and that when press guy James Brady took a would-be killer's shot to the head, well, that it most certainly could have been you and not him. A few dates and locations might help us confirm your breathless boasts or sink them all the way down to your age-bloated ankles.

    Boner out...

  • JAMES E. HENSLEY - 3 months ago

    FOR BRAD BONER: I never wrote to note... Secy. Granholm a "straight shooter," That was not me! Yes, I do know Jen Granholm from Harvard days. In fact, looking forward to her February 5, 2022 birthday party - she'll be 63. As for me, at age 85 ( Fecha de nacimiento: 22 de marzo de 1936 ) hardly a youngster. But brainy like few existing. The U.S. Secret Service was kind enough to send to off to study Russian and Turkish, and along the way I earned a PhD (East European Area Studies). I am not a "wannabe", as my background reflects me as a "willbeer high achiever" (of just a "wilbur" for short).

  • David Richardson - 3 months ago

    There is no such thing as the truth anymore if there ever was. And, how does a survey about energy become a discussion about Covid? It takes huge amounts of fossil fuels to produce green energy...more energy than windmills or solar panels will ever produce. Covid is a whole other myth. We have fallen ¨down the rabbit hole¨.

  • Brad Boner - 3 months ago

    So, this lad, James E. Hensley, has taken my personality as "commenter critic" here? He does have a backbench flair for the obvious. And he does strike me as a budding wannabe of the lost order. The question is a simple one, Jimmy Boy. But who here knows a damned thing about the American, Ms. Granhom or her Mexican counterpart? Believe? That's an impossibility, unless all you're looking for is couch potato knee-jerk opinion - which is okay for discussion purposes.

    This nutty poser Hensley tries, calling Secy. Granholm a "straight shooter," only that obviously is a position taken from reading news reports or partisan politics. He has never met her!

    I do not know either individual personally, so all I could offer would be a guess - a pretty damned lame one, at that. You'd have to have some serious background on either of these two government officials to provide a legitimate assessment. Without that, like I said, it's pure guesswork, so.

    Alas, youngster Hensely remains a budding Brad Boner wannabe. He's lacking the required brains at present. It's clear he has been reading Boner and has fallen-in with the unique rolling philosophy. Yet, he has brought no literary breakthrough or profound novelty to either the writing or the thinking. His words fall flat, flatter than the fig-sized breasts Queen Isabella flashed at Columbus when he told her he was pretty sure the world was round. Keep trying, Miss Hennypenny.

    Boner out...

  • James Novak - 3 months ago

    Sec. Granholm is a straight shooter, always has been. Mexico entered the 20th century regarding energy with the last administration. Few people think fossil fuels are the future, especially the young. Even traditional energy companies are changing their product mix, buying into green. Why would anyone think giving Pemex more control by law would be good for Mexico? who want to pay more and get less, the currant government plan. Then there is the restitution to all those private investors, or is this a government steal?

  • JAMES E. HENSLEY - 3 months ago

    Comparisons bring us idle fiction: there's no firm grip on reporting factual numbers be it regarding energy ministers or COVID. The question was: ?Whom should one believe...? " Yet, the two previous persons comments don't aim back at the question. Like politicians, they ignore the question, and then remark on something we really know little about. People just won't answer a simple question which is convenient for the simple minded as politicians always prove to us. Sad!!!

  • George - 3 months ago

    Any comparison between Mexico and the United States is bogus.

    Independent study after independent study from countries around the world from highly respected sources have documented that Mexico grossly underestimates the actual numbers of Covid cases and deaths.

    Johns Hopkins in Baltimore, Maryland, is among the latest.

  • Esther Klein Buddenhagen - 3 months ago

    This is not about your current survey. Rather it is about your headline, " Only 12 states are now green on the nation's new coronavirus risk map..."I am writing because too often your headlines on your news stories are snide and condescending and undercut the reputation of Mexico. You should note that the US has NO states in the green zone. All except Maine are pretty dark colors.

  • JAMES E. HENSLEY - 3 months ago

    Who to believe? What to believe?

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