Have you ever cheated on a boyfriend?

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  • Natalie - 4 years ago

    Some context please. Stuff happens when you are an immature college freshman. I'm in the "did it once" category. Went on spring break, boyfriend didn't go, lots of hot guys, I got laid my last night by a hottie. That was 10 years ago. I've gotten "my share" so to speak. Totally settled down. I'm well behaved by most anyone's standards, and my current boyfriend had to wait three months before he finally got it. Cheating isn't on my list of possibilities any more. It's not good a good way to live your life: it leads to messed up relationships, mental stress, increased exposure to diseases, and the ever so slight (but still real) chance of getting preggers by the "wrong" man.

  • Alexandras - 7 years ago

    No Never And never would It is Disgusting and Sinful I don"t believe in it I don"t believe in Sex without Love Sex is a act of Love Passion Adoration And Respect It is very Vulnerable A Person should be Sexually Accepting The a Person who Cares and Loves The other

    And those who did I hope You lose The love of you life Forever and never find True Love again Once a Cheat always a Cheat Whores If you simply want to spread you disgusting legs for Every man Do not be in Relationship at Least What is the point?

  • Alice - 8 years ago

    Cheers girls!!

    This proves that us women are in fact unfaithful whores- what a surprise (jokes).

    There is a reason why society has oppressed women for thousands of years and this is the reason.

    You doing us no favors.

    Biologically and evolutionary speaking its also disgusting/not beneficial too.

    If your are going to be a harlot, don't bother with a relationship. Women and men get killed over unfaithful behavior, all over the US and particularly in non western emerging or 3rd world nations, there is alot of "honor" killing and the like.

    But to be fair i dont think you can do anything worse to a person by betraying them in such a way, so if a whore is murdered, it may be against the law and judgement should pass, but, she probably deserves it.

  • Mathh - 8 years ago

    i found different results for both men and women in another poll

  • whorebasher - 8 years ago

    What a bunch of f*cking sl*ts!!!! You made a mistake my a*s! When a MAN cheats, its cause we are pigs, selfish, can't stay faithful, blah blah...but you cheating a*s women can f*ck around till your blue in the face with a stretched p*ssy, taking random cum shots in your c*nt..and its a MISTAKE? OH yeah, cause you b*tches are so innocent right? F*ck off!!!! You girls are some natural born SL*TS, just accept it. You had a boyfriend, you didnt give a f*ck about, you didnt love him enough to keep your eyes from roaming or your sl*tty legs closed, got a firm grasp of another man's d*ck, and even though you KNEW it was wrong, you still f*cked him AND without a condom, let him c*m inside your sn*tch; risking aids or unwanted pregnancy and THEN, slink back to your husband or boyfriend and f*ck HIM after, KNOWING your sl*t a*s may have contracted some sh*t, or later find out your pregnant. F*CK YOU, you deserve whatever a*s kicking, throat choking beating your man throws at you and you do not DESERVE to have a baby, for what, to f*ck up the baby's life too? Hopefully someone will take the baby off your hands and raise it right, with love and teach some morals so the kids dont turn out to be a f*cking tr*mp, c*ck sucking, c*m swallowing c*nt like you and any other girl who pulls this sh*t. WH*RES!!!!!

  • Badgirl - 10 years ago

    Yeah I cheated on my husband with 3 different guys. I was too young to be married. I know alot of women that cheat. Women are way better at cheating than men.

  • filipinagirl96 - 11 years ago


  • filipinagirl96 - 11 years ago

    whell i was with this guy tyler and wewent to the pool.he kept trying to kisss me and get me to dump my boyfriend and gon out with him but i always said no. but one night we where walking down a street at 10:00 and he just pinned me against a wall and kissed me and it felt bad but so good because it was bad. we started making out .but i stoped when i realized wat i was doing 3 months after me end my boyfriend broke up.he never found out but i just recently told him over the phone..he hung up on me .and im glad he did because he wasnt the greatest boyfriend but he didnt deserv that...

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