Grade the Season 33 Finale of 'The Amazing Race':


  • Dianne Keast - 2 years ago

    Only watched show because Kim and Penn were on it.
    Was rooting fotHolderness family all the way!!!
    Exceptional navigation by Kim was definitely a bonus.
    Was so proud that Gen-X kept up with (and surpassed) much younger participants!!
    Kim and Penn proved that life experiences (and a strong marriage) are a definite PLUS!
    So pleased Penn and Kim won!!! YAY!! ????????

  • Kim - 2 years ago

    Kim and Penn deserved to win! The girls did great too. I was rooting for The Holderness couple. Yes!

  • Damian - 2 years ago

    In an exceptionally difficult season, CBS deserves credit for changing up the game to overcome the pandemic and resemble a regular season.
    Kim and Penn are a wholesome couple who show what a supportive marriage can achieve. Their You Tube channel will hopefully blossom (our family loves them). The flight attendants deserve so much credit and these two teams made the show.
    Dusty and Ryan, though annoying in their smack talk which got worse as they fell behind in the last legs, justifiably took the last spot in the race for home. These were the three competitive teams.
    I have watched every season and feel so good about this one and cannot wait for next season

  • Glen Benjamin - 2 years ago

    I thought the season was OK. However, it was to easy with many bad teams. Some of the best could nit return after the break. I am surprised that after 33 seasons teams still make basic mistakes and lose their cool. Plus this season lacked any real strategy with no fast forward or u turn or even having to get proper plane.

    The older couple were nice but I never warmed up to them. I wanted the flight attendants who lost their jobs. They had it but could not remember the proper coin. Uuugghhhh then changing correct answers. A reason you have to take some notes as others have done in the past and the winners this season. Let’s hope next season returns to normal. I would sure love to play myself.

  • Buddy Dangel - 2 years ago

    I am so excited that Kim and Penn won. They play of each other’s strengths so well. To see how they worked together on THe Amazing Race they have a solid partnership- in marriage and their business. All 3 teams were strong and we enjoyed ever team on the show this year. I am just glad that Kim and Penn won!!

  • Sachi Hayashi - 2 years ago

    All 3 final teams were very strong competitors. Kim and Penn deserved to win. Kim challenged and surpassed her fears. They worked together the best of all the teams.

  • Tammy - 2 years ago

    I LOVE the amazing race! I liked all 3 of the finalists and thought I didn't really cared who won, But when I saw Kim and penn running across the field, I figured out I had wanted them to win from the beginning. One of the best things I noticed about this race is there was no stabbing other teams in the back or turn abouts or alliances. It was handled in the spirit of good composition. Phil was Phil as usual - the handsome, witty and generally all very much for the contestants. Can't wait to the next Amazing Race. Thank ypu

  • Marty Gibbons - 2 years ago

    Columbia, Missouri fans (like me!) were rooting for Dusty & Ryan -our hometown boys- all the way from the very beginning SO long ago. But it came down to “brains over brawn” and the “older but wiser” team won. But only by the thinnest of margins since “the girls” could so easily have won if they hadn’t kept second-guessing themselves in the very last challenge! But what fun to travel with them all to such gorgeous and fascinating parts of the world. Well done, Kim & Penn and thanks to all for another AMAZING RACE!

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