Which new band name do you like most?

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  • Haiden - 15 years ago

    Although I really like Dreamspin, Bullet Proof Glass House, and Sidekicks only, I'd go with RadioVine for a couple of simple reasons.

    Bullet Proof Glass House and Sidekicks Only are pretty sweet sounding, but seem to be similar to lots of other bands (yea, off-beat is no longer that off-beat, weird eh?), so that's the main reason I decided against those two.

    Dreamspin -for me- evoked images of ultra-indie college experimental psychadelic type stuff, and your stuff doesn't really sound like that. But again, that may be just me.

    Radiovine sounds like one of those bands that never really catches on in the mainstream community (but influences the bands that do), and continues to sell records long after the more mainstream artists fade into obscurity.
    That's why I'd go with Radiovine.

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