Grade the 'Sistas' Season 4 Midseason Finale:


  • T - 2 years ago

    When Karen was moving on from Zach he did everything he could to make her leave the preacher alone. He ever busted into their hotel room and got arrested. Now he's with Fatima and he's now acting like Karen ain't nothing and that's not cool. Karen needs to move on. I hate this storyline for her. She doesn't need to be desperate when there's a man who's willing to treat her right. It pains me that her role is being written this way. I didn't watch the last two episodes because I'm tired of the way tyler perry is making Karen look. I'm tire of danni and Preston. Poor Sabrina and Calvin ugh just gets on my nerve lol. Maurice just stop it. I'll probably stop watching altogether because it's becoming monotonous and boring. Hopefully tyler perry will do better but probably not. Lol

  • Wanda - 2 years ago

    Karen needs to stop using that baby to stay in Zach life. That's the preacher baby. Karen needs to move on. Sabrina finally gets a real man. Gary and Ms Thing need to get married and move on. Danni..give Preston a chance. Dang. Can't wait to see Fatima and Zach get married on the show.

  • Bridgette Staples - 2 years ago

    Another thing that baby is not Zach's that baby is the other man's Karen wanted to be Zacks but it's not and I hope it's not I really hope it's not Zach's I don't think it is it's the other man's that pastor and Danny need to go ahead and mess with that guy instead of playing hard to get like she really don't care about him knowing doing well she does she's jealous of hell and that girl so Tyler Perry I hope you are hooking these girls up so they can all finally be happy Andy needs to leave Gary alone he is up to no good I don't know what it is he's up to we only know next show he's trying to buy her something is not right with him I hope she don't get back with him I hope she wakes up and realize he is not worth her time

  • Bridgette Staple's - 2 years ago

    I love that show Tyler Perry you really did a great job with sisters but as far as Karen she needs to move on Zack does not want her anymore he's moved on with Fatima why don't she except that I love Fatima and Zach's relationship she's mad because she's he's not like that with her but far as Sabrina I don't trust bio something is not right with bio she talking about letting somebody else use her car to take it to her house why do she trust these people like that I think bio is going to take her somewhere and drug her and do something to her she shouldn't trust him

  • E Smith - 2 years ago

    I love the storyline! And I, intelligent but does not have self esteem (in the movie). Karen is the epitome of keeping drama going; Dhe don’t want Zack and don’t want anyone else to have him! Danni keeps it real among the Sistas, however she needs a little soul searching for herself (Preston) is a good guy, and yes sometimes you do have to teach your partner so you’re able to grow together. Brian has an extremely easy life however she is not sure of herself, too easily persuaded to follow,(stand firm), in your decision making. Tina is a outsider brought to the inside; accept friends of a friend group . You don’t have to agree with every decision but; don’t hold someone responsible for something they don’t know (Karen & Zack).

    Zack obviously had a challenging past, and is no stranger to adversity. I like the way he makes efforts to turn himself into a better person. In this case Tima has been a few rounds and is capable of assisting him (that’s good), everyone deserves a trustworthy friend (she’s his). Aaron, sees something in Karen Zack seemed not too but; he doesn’t appear to be her type. Perhaps she really don’t know what she wants; even when it’s right before her. Gary, and his game needs to go too controlling! Robin needs to be real or keep it real (the boss), he is the epitome of powerful in high places.

    Let’s get moving more Zack and Fatima, Maurice, and find someone for Kelvin. The rest will fit in.

  • Sara - 2 years ago

    Love the show….Sick of Karen she needs to move on
    Fatima is awesome and she and Zac are a great fit
    Let Karen go with preacher man or anybody but Zac

  • Mrs.Hall - 2 years ago

    For me Tyler disappoints.. those who hate on him is because they are ain't him. Even though I think he deep down something is wrong..
    Let's get to it..
    1. Andi needs some self esteem
    2. Danni need to talk about it Soon
    3 Brina need to look around and let go of that dam book she keep reading (not the bible)
    4. People always want what they can't have problem all the things Zac did to you he deserve the treatment u gave him But, Fatima didn't give hime a chance to do that. She treated him like he deserved the benefit of the doubt then slept wiand encouraged him the whole time then fell for him and made him want to chase her.he didn't have it B4 now he got it and carries himself as such. Remember Zac ain't
    and ain't gonna ever be shit and I don't want him no more, But now he is doing well and he likes it bcs of the way falima treated him he can feel it and how it makes her feel even though she won't admit it their relationship he was Karen (sort of) and she was him & even this time apart. Is not gonna work. I thought the funniest thing was watching you trying to intimidate Tima she stood sturdy and flat footed looked u straight in the eye and said I don't hate u.. I wish I the best and time will tell.. see spoke too much Zac call me everyday she got ur number now.. ur mom taught you to be tough but the hood got Fatima... WHat!!¡ Please give Karen a life.
    Give Gary the Door

  • Shawty - 2 years ago

    ???? the fanile but karen really pressing her luck with Fatima she trying to be nice for andi

  • Katie Hudson - 2 years ago

    The midseason finale was ok. A lot was going on, but it was good. The Zach storyline I just feel is being stretched out way too much. Carrying a storyline too long can cause people to loose interest. The finale was good enough to keep people guessing.

  • Dinah Jones - 2 years ago

    I just really think that it could have been much better than the way it ended

  • Marquita Ponder - 2 years ago

    Karen is getting tired. Zac doesn't want her and it's probably the preachers baby. It could have been a better mid season finale

  • Grace Smith - 2 years ago

    The 4th season was great but I didn't care for the way Karen and Andi were written tò be stupid thirsty black women. Other than that everything else was 100% fabulous. #lovelightandlive

  • Queen K - 2 years ago

    Tyler Perry should be commended for discovering so many actors and giving them a chance to jump start their career however, he is stifling their acting abilities with his writing. I am not a hater but we must be honest with ourselves and realize when it’s time to ask for and receive help. You cannot do it all (write, direct, and produce), it is not working. I had high hopes for this show during season one; it has declined each season (like many of his shows). Many of my girlfriends no longer watch the show because the writing is subpar and the scenes are too long and repetitive. The storylines are unrealistic! As an African American woman we are tired of seeing our brothers portrayed as jailbirds, deadbeat dads, and unfaithful men. Tyler Perry has the potential to create something great with the characters Zac and Fatima. Most people who comment about the show yearn for Zac and Fatima to win and shown in a positive light. I really want TP to be successful; unfortunately, I am joining my friends and I will no longer view Sistas. I understand it’s just a tv show however, I can no longer support anything that makes black women look weak and simply stupid. Hopefully, TP will self reflect and change the direction of the show otherwise, it will join the rest of his shows….CANCELED!

  • Brenda - 2 years ago

    I love TP' shows. Especially Sistas. This season 4 was absolutely grand, but that female episode was dragged. Worked my nerves we needed to see Karen do a doctor's appointment Zac be free from the bs. He and Fatima reunite. There was just to much we needed to see that just didn't happen. TP has to write in a happy moment for Zac and Fatima. And stop that cliffhanging We all that are faithful viewers of Sistas deserved better for the female. My option

  • Bkay - 2 years ago

    I really appreciate the storyline and the continued growth of each character. I would like to see Hayden and Gary pitted against each other in future seasons. Hayden needs to be dealt with because he's to envious of Zac, and he is a one's off limits. Gary needs to have a nervous breakdown and be admitted to an asylum to recover. Karen needs to have the pregnancy test to know that Aaron truly is the father. I would like to see the bond forming between Fatima and Zac become a reality for both of them, and start planning their marriage and a family. I would like to see Fatima become pregnant for Zac. This would set Karen off and cause her to become addictive to Fatima's demise by plotting her kidnapping, to steal her baby, and keep her locked away.

  • patty - 2 years ago

    these "actors" can't ACT! except for the actor that plays "Maurice"

  • Sojournytruth - 2 years ago

    The mid-term finale left ever thing unsolved. After reading comments on the Sisters chat lines, myself, as well as most viewers, are disappointed.

  • Michele B - 2 years ago

    My comment is that I'm truly sick and tired of Karen's bs about Zac and this baby, I honestly don't want it to be Zac's, I'm hoping Aaron is the daddy because she's so extra with this baby and Zac, please let this baby be Aaron's. Andi needs to drop that zero Gary and stick with Robin who is the owner of the Law Firm and he truly wants Andi and she needs to stop playing these games with Gary and his bull crap just tell him the truth that she doesn't was him anymore because she really don't need him at all because she has her own money. I just love me some Fatima and Zac so much, now I wish they would have a baby together, Sabrina needs to say what she wants and stop playing with Calvin and yes definitely Calvin needs to come out the closet and be true to himself and her and they both needs to tell one another how they truly feels about each other. I love me some Danni because she's so real even though she's a little confused right now because she wants Preston but she doesn't know how to tell him but you can see that she really do want him but she's scared to tell him. But Danni says that she's tired of him talking about the cows, horses and the farm all the time but they did make a great couple as well. But Preston needs to stop taking out all these women because he's confused too. Poor Maurice, he's so scared of Que because of what Que did to him the first time, so he can't really trust Que right now but he knows that he wants Que but he's just too scared. But honesty did Que really change or do he just needs somewhere to stay. Whatever happened to Jacobi ? But I love Sistas so much but you should put back on If Loving You Is Wrong and The Haves and the Have Nots because they were great too. The show Bruhs isn't doing much and honestly they don't have too much going on that's exciting me, like all they are doing is chasing after wonen and Mike's mother is so frisky after the boys. Ok I can't wait til June come so that I can see Sistas again. Thanks Tyler Perry for all that you've done and is still doing.

  • Chris - 2 years ago

    I want Zach to finally have a good life. He truly deserves a woman [Fatima] that will hold him down and support his dreams. Karen's baby daddy needs a bit of a shakeup the father needs to be the preacher. Andi needs to become pregnant as well and let Gary be the father. Sabrina confused seems like always just let her be. Danni does not appreciate a good man [Preston] so she needs to be put her with stripperman or put her with Maurice lol let her be the one to convert him back to the straight side or hook up with Que lol.

  • Allissa - 2 years ago

    It’s to much going on Fatima is a bully and no one seems to care I don’t think it’s good for our black young women to think it’s ok you have everyone talking about Gary how about Fatima she needs to go to jail for domestic violence what example you setting not a good one .

  • Joann Austin - 2 years ago

    I love the show, but you need to build up the strengths of the ladies to match the weaknesses. For example: Fatima is average in her career, strong, self-assured, well manicured, classy/ghetto and ready for love. Take the remaining characters and make them appear to have a balance inspite of there weaknesses. Karen can be pregnant, but let her admit to the girls, dam I got caught up. Slept with two men, and don't no who the hell the baby daddy is. Now the character is real and more relatable and we can fall in love with that. Dani is working hard for the money, but really does not want to be in a committed relationship. Just wants to smoke and screw. It's Ok, just let her use protection and keep it movin between 1 or 2 person's per season. I can go on, but you get the point. All in all, I am all in. For now we need to see something working, so keep Zac and Fatima together. We all need to witness a relationship where communication and trust can tear down walls and allow so much joy and love in our lives. Thank you for the show.

  • Verna Bishop - 2 years ago

    I think the season finale dragged out a little to much. Karen needs to get over the fact that Zac loves Fatima. Stop going through all these changes. Hopefully this will not be Zac's baby. Andi needs to leave Gary alone. Sabrina needs to get to know the young man that owns the restaurant, he seems nice and genuine. I love Fatima she knows what she wants and it is definitely Zac. Disappointed the show didn't show her and Zac. Hopefully we will know on the first episode who the baby daddy is.

  • Verna Bishop - 2 years ago

    I think the season finale dragged out a little to much. Karen needs to get over the fact that Zac loves Fatima. Stop going through all these changes. Hopefully this will not be Zac's baby. Andi needs to leave Gary alone. Sabrina needs to get to know the young man that owns the restaurant, he seems nice and genuine. I love Fatima she knows what she wants and it is definitely Zac. Disappointed the show didn't show her and Zac. Hopefully we will know on the first episode who the baby daddy is.

  • Linda Smith - 2 years ago

    I love the show but Karen needs to stop. She has a man that loves her but that's not enough for her. She does not love Zac; she just does not like how he is trying to change his life. SHE IS A SPOILED BRAT that thinks she is the stuff. Her character is one you love to hate.

  • Seira - 2 years ago

    Can you please hurry and show Karen who her baby daddy. I’m so tired of her, and yet she still doubting Zac. “Oh how he gonna be a father if he still in jail and staying in trouble”...STOOOOP! Still bringing him down. That’s why he’s with Fatima...she appreciates him and takes her time with him, doesn’t bring him down like Karen. Karen stay with Aaron. I think he really likes her...then again I’m wondering if he stole her money...hmmmm? Please, please Andi stop with Gary! Give him back that PH. You have your own money and can get your own. I don’t trust Gary as far as I can throw his a—, and she’s feeding into him...alright now no one likes to hear “I told you so”...and that’s probably what’s going to happen to her if she doesn’t leave him alone. Sabrina acts too naive to me. I really don’t know about this African guy...he could be playing her. Yes he has money, but money ain’t everything. Maybe he wants to see how far she’ll go just because he has this what you are about Sabrina...the money or do you like him for himself? Be careful...this is what Calvin was saying...”Oh He Got Moneeeey”! Calvin you need to tell Sabrina your true feelings and stop stringing her...don’t do that...Be Real brother. You either in the closet...out the closet or are you really a straight up dude...if so...don’t wear the panties no MORE!!! Like Danni said...panni man????. Now Danni you need to be REAL with either want Preston or you don’t? Don’t just want a person because of what they can do for you...want them because they take care of your heart ❤️. If you really don’t want him then leave him alone and let him be with the other girl. I hope you all find TRUE LOVE. Zac and Fatima DID!

  • L. Bell - 2 years ago

    This mid season finale was just ok. If Zac would have called Fatima she problem would not went over to the house but glad she did because she ran up on some stuff that Gary and dude is cooking up. I think I know where that story line is going. Karen I'm just sick of her. I really hope this baby is not Zac so she can move on she's is too desperate and weak. Andi needs to let Gary go. She's weak too or she just want to play both Gary and Robin. Maurice and que needs to just go ahead and hook up unless Maurice is still scared. Sabrina acts like she's silly sometimes but I'm over her and Calvin he do need to come out the closet. Dani is cool but she do need cowboy or give her someone who can love her. And Fatima I love her! She's the best on the show. I hate it ended now. Why in June? We need to see this sooner. I love the show just need to do more with the sistas. Because the best couple on the show is Zac and Fatima please don't messed that up. Work on the other couples.

  • Jay - 2 years ago

    Fatima is the show I'm sry and i hate the dragging in the show like y'all keep showing the same thing except Fatima and Zac and the mid season finale sucks I gave it a C they could of done better and y'all should just came with Karen pregnancy I'm over her character n obssessin of my boy Zac. Now that's said I gotta wait till June smh

  • Nikki - 2 years ago

    I am SO tired of the Karen drama
    Girl go to the doctor to confirm a pregnancy and how far along you are BEFORE you start proclaiming a baby daddy. Sabrina/Calvin drama has run its course. Please let her move on with the new guy!!! Andi/Gary is getting old. Please choose one man! LOVE LOVE LOVE TEAM ZATIMA!!!! ❤️. I love me some Danni. Would love to see her and Preston back together. LOVE this show hate the mid-season break!????

  • L scott - 2 years ago

    was disappointed in this mid-season Karen needs to move on she's hating on Fatima who has done absolutely nothing to her because Zac loves her that's not Fatima fault typical jealous and unhappy female lashing out at the new woman making Karen look weak and desperate, Mr Perry please make the baby be Aaron's, please have Calvin come out the closet, Andi needs to do what she wants to do as it is her life Danni and Fatima I love them they keep it real also Maurice knows he wants Q.

  • L scott - 2 years ago

    was disappointed in this mid-season Karen needs to move on she's hating on Fatima who has done absolutely nothing to her because Zac loves her that's not Fatima fault typical jealous and unhappy female lashing out at the new woman making Karen look weak and desperate, Mr Perry please make the baby be Aaron's, please have Calvin come out the closet, Andi needs to do what she wants to do as it is her life Danni and Fatima I love them they keep it real also Maurice knows he wants Q.

  • Catherine W - 2 years ago

    Mid Season Finale was a flop. Please give Andi and backbone. I would love to see her keep the penthouse and dump the guy. Now that's a real boss move. She is being too polite being that she is a lawyer. Maurice needs to take Que back and Que needs to dog him for being so stupid. That's real life. Calvin can go; or finally have him come out of the closet and make that a story. That would be great. I'm tired of Karen's whining. The baby needs to go and she needs to start living her best life. Date man after man after man and be happy about it. I like Danni, she keeps it real.

  • DONNA - 2 years ago


  • Pamela - 2 years ago

    It was a good finale can't wait to see the new episodes.

  • Peaches - 2 years ago

    I'm really ready for Zac and Fatima to be together. Please...sorry for Karen story line.

  • S McClurkin - 2 years ago

    I'm so OVER Karen and this pregnancy. How can she be so sure that the baby is Zac's. It's so funny how all she's ever done was put him down, now that he's happy w/Fatima and he's PAID she still loves him and wants him, girl STOP! Sabrina/Calvin I'm so SICK of them, they have NO storyline at all! Danni/Rodeo I'm tired of them too, one min she wants him and the next she doesn't. Andi/Gary, he has controlling issues & want to buy her love. Maurice/Que is a hot mess! Over them as well! I was NOT happy with the mid season finale. Fatima is the ONLY character giving LIFE to this show.

  • B smith - 2 years ago

    Was not excitingfor a mid season finale.
    Tired of Karen crap story line. Got her now acting obsessive like Taraji did. The show is dragging. How many seasons is the pregnancy gonna drag out for? The only excitement on the finale was Fatima and that was only the last two minutes of the show. Didnt even show Robin and Andi. Reminds me of have n have nots crazy ending

  • Tana Wrigley - 2 years ago

    Sista was okay this time around but some of the characters was getting on my last nerves, Andi/Gary, Maurice/Que, and that dam Calvin, Karen just can't get pass that Zac is very happy with Fatima. I wished that Sabrina, Danni, Andi, and of course Karen can finally find someone that would love them the way they need to be loved.

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