Grade the 'Single Drunk Female' Season 1 finale:

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  • Kristi Mm - 1 year ago

    The finale (e10) was an improvement from the previous episode, although overall, most of the writing in the more recent episodes doesn't live up to the high expectations generated by the first half of the season.
    Re: the whole of episode 10, it was a visual treat. Loved seeing Sam, Felicia and James looking beautiful. (It's a shame only Felicia was able to enjoy it!) The argument between Sam and James was absolutely true to life and not overly hysterical or explosive like most TV disagreements are written and not played out in front of all the other guests, again as most of TV's big moments are shown to be.
    Try as I might, so far I have not been able to find the characters of Britt or Joel likable. Perhaps that is intentional on the part of the writers. I have not seen anything to convince me Sam and Britt ever had anything in common, much less as best friends, and I can't tell what either of them would see in the Joel character, and I found it impossible to care whether or not Britt married him.
    Assuming there is a Season 2 and we get to see Sam again, in addition to her rebuilding her life I'm interested in what happens next for Sam and James. I'd like to see some of the other characters again next season: her boss at the grocery store, her sponsor in AA, her probation officer -- these characters were painfully absent in the season finale despite being a big part of what made this series interesting.

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